Thursday, March 26, 2020


Guess what we've been working on!?!

Right after we arrived home there has been some free time since work hasn't picked up yet, so we jumped right into recording a new CD!! When they built the shop for the business they made it so that we could also have a recording studio in the office area. And it has worked out so well!! Matthias does all of the recording, mixing and mastering and it is right by home which makes it an easy process.

We are really excited to finish it up and make it available to y'all soon!!

"I will sing to the Lord,
Because He has dealt bountifully with me."
Psalms 13:6


GamesBX said...
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Martha Joy said...

Eek!!!!! This is so exciting!!!!! I can hardly wait!! :) Hope all the recording and producing goes smoothly!

~Martha Joy

Luke Myers said...

Looking forward to the finished product!

Carmen said...

Yay! Another CD! I listen to your CDs every morning while I drive to work. My favorite song is "He Is Faithful!"