Saturday, November 03, 2018


Good surprises are just plain fun. When Susanna and I walked off of the plane from visiting Dan & Bethany we were shocked to see that our little nephew from Florida was there to pick us up! It was one of those "wait, is that..." moments. Then Andrew and Kori walked around the corner!! They were all here for the weekend!!!

They had flown in the night before and completely surprised everyone at home!!! Hooray for cheap airfare and weekends. Since Alaythia's birthday was on Monday it was the perfect start to the celebration.

Of course family in town is the perfect excuse to get together. So Alan & Rachel and their kiddos drove up to spend the weekend with us too!! It was such a blast! Saturday we all went into Lincoln for a big brunch at Ryan and Ruth's house and then walked around town to enjoy the pregame festivities. Then we hurried home to pull out all of the snacks and cheer the huskers on for their first win.

Watching the cousins play together is always fun! I think everyone is looking forward to Christmas when all 21 of us adults and 12 cousins will be in one house.

Teaching a new game...

So grateful for family!!

"Happy are the people who are in such a state;
Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!"
Psalms 144:15


Jay said...

What fun! I absolutely love surprises and family-visiting-surprises are the very best kind. Curious what game y'all were learning?

bluegrass banjo picker said...

That is really neat! Absolutely fantastic.
The best kind of surprise. You know the persons are there before you, but yet your mind is in disbelief -"are they really there?"
Then it all climaxes as you both burst into hellos and wow-it's-so-good-to-see-yous and everything that follows.

Wissmann Family said...

@Jay -- We were playing Code Names!