Thursday, August 02, 2018

Summer Fun

A week ago our men were home from work early on one of the days, so we decided to celebrate by taking the boat out on the lake and having a picnic. It was the first time we've been able to get the boat out this year! 

Dad, the expert driver, always enjoys the challenge of getting people to fall off of the tube.
It is always fun to see who can last the longest:  Dad, or the tubers. It also makes for a lot of fun pictures!

Two new riders ready for the challenge!

How high can you fly without letting go?!

Since not everyone fit in the boat at the same time, the rest of the family swam on the beach and played with Ginger.

The evening finished with a gorgeous sunset!! 
Thank you Lord for summer days!

"The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, 
the world and all who dwell therein."  - Psalm 24:1


Lisa Parker said...

Looks like a lot of FUN!! Glad y’all enjoyed it!!

Skylar Reese said...

Beautiful pictures, that looks like so much fun!