Saturday, July 07, 2018


Two weeks ago we got to spend about 4 days in Cody, Wyoming. It used to be an annual trip for us, and we have tons of memories out there. But since Charissa doesn't remember any of our stories, more years must have passed than we realized. I guess that just made it more special to go out there this summer!

Each evening we would share a concert along with two other groups that we work with in the South Carolina prisons. But during the day our friends would take us out to explore the beautiful countryside. It was amazing!!

They took us hiking and caving...

We played volleyball and rode four-wheelers and dirt bikes...

We got to catch up with old friends and meet new ones...

It was so special! 
Thank you Atnips for the incredible hospitality.

"Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world,
Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God."
Psalms 90:2


Shonda Johnston said...

Family trips are so special!

Amigo said...

I think I see a castle.

Melissa said...

Beautiful scenery!