Saturday, June 09, 2018

Grandma's House

The couple days before Memorial Day the ladies of our household were able to head up early to spend time at Grandma's house and help with some projects. Time with Grandparents is such a gift, treasure it!! Years ago, when we were all much younger, Grandma and Grandpa would invite us up every summer for about a week and make all sorts of memories together. We always considered Grandma and Grandpa some of our very best friends.

During those visits they would take us on the bike trail, feed the fish at the hatchery, visit Ice Cave, we'd go hiking, play at the park, eat oodles of chocolate chip cookies, have water fights, play games on their farm and so much more! There is enough of an age gap that Charissa wasn't able to do a lot of those things. So we thought we would change that!

This time when we were at Grandma's, we spent each morning working on projects, and then we took  the afternoons to make some memories together doing the things that we used to do years ago.

We made flower chains... went to the park... played games on the farm... and went on a bike ride.

It was fun to bring back some of our favorite activities from years ago! And now everyone from Rachel to Charissa has made some of the same memories at our Grandparent's home.

"Mark well her bulwarks;
Consider her palaces;
That you may tell it to the generation following."
Psalms 48:13


Shonda Johnston said...

How wonderful that you all were able to do that. Making memories like that is special!

Elizabeth Mitton said...

I love that verse at the end of the post!! I don't know if I have noticed it recently!! It was a great reminder!