Friday, April 06, 2018

Easter Sunday!

He is Risen Indeed!!
Easter morning is always special for us! First thing after waking up we run upstairs to see what surprise Mom made the night before. She always decorates the table or walls with something that adds to the excitement of the day. This year we found this on our wall and stones around the doorway so that it resembled a tomb. The table had easter lilies and chocolate surprises. Then we play our favorite Easter worship songs as we eat breakfast and get ready for church. 
It truly is a special way to start the day!

This year Ryan & Ruth and Matthias and Michelle came over to join us for a Easter feast!

Busy working in the kitchen! After lunch we enjoyed the fellowship, relaxing and snacking on the leftover food. Sundays are pretty wonderful, and Easter Sundays are even more so!

Happy Easter from our family.

"He is not here; for He is RISEN, 
as He said..."
Matthew 28:6

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Lisa Parker said...

Awww Sweet!!! Love spending time with my family on Easter! :) Jesus is RISEN, indeed! :)