Friday, February 23, 2018


Meet Josiah, he is the third born in our family!

Josiah and his wife Abi celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary last September. They have 3 children. Joanna who turns 8 tomorrow, Asher is 6, and Jenifer is 1. They live only about 2 miles away from us in Nebraska which we love, because it means we get to see them quite often! 

Josiah does aerial crop spraying (crop dusting) as well as being an instructor to a couple of up and coming pilots. He puts in big days in the summer but really enjoys the time in the air. We've greatly benefited from him being a flight instructor.  He has taught Dad, Stephen and now Nathanael, along with several others. We will see which one of us is next to learn!

Abi keeps busy homeschooling Joanna and Asher as well as being a stay at home mom. It is always fun to see what she is working on with the kids and how fast they are learning. 

Before Josiah and Abi were married, Abi worked at a nursing home and has a special place in her heart for the elderly. She is very intentional about taking the kids to visit their great-grandparents or some other elderly friend.

Josiah and Abi enjoy serving at their local church, getting together with friends or doing something special with the kids. When we are on the road we love getting pictures or videos of their family game nights, work projects they do together, playing at the park and other aspects of everyday life.

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,'and ‘your neighbor as yourself.'
Luke 10:27


Anonymous said...

Those kids are growing so fast!

Shonda Johnston said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah! May God bless the next year of your life and those after.