Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Old Threshers

Family. History. Reunion.

Those words come to life for us every year during Labor Day Weekend. Our Grandparents used to go to Midwest Old Threshers as a family when our mom was a little girl and now our family has had the joy of singing there for over 15 years in a row!

This year was extra special since our entire family was able to come!
- Alan & Rachel from Kansas
- Ryan & Ruth from Nebraska
- Josiah & Abi from Nebraska
- Dan and Bethany from West Virginia
- Andrew & Kori from Florida
- Michelle (Matthias' Fiancee) from Minnesota
- Grandpa & Grandma from Iowa
and the rest of us still living at home in Nebraska

Just in case you were wondering, that is a grand total of 32 people!
God is so good!

We sang 9 different times during the 5 day event.
Since the whole family was back we pulled out some of our older songs so that everyone got the chance to sing.

There were so many special family moments! Thanks to having several photographers in the family, we have a lot of them on camera. Which also means we have a ton of pictures!

Old Threshers is the one time of year when we get to camp next to our Grandparents. If you don't know where someone is the first place to check is in Grandpa and Grandma's camper because their place is pretty popular!

We pulled all the grandkids up to sing a few songs with a little help from the uncles and aunts. 

The "Fret Not" guys

Enjoying the carousel

Feeding the little ones is a full time job!

Matthias and Baby Lee

Michelle was able to come down the last two days and so we pulled her up on stage to play the Orange Blossom Special.

Alaythia enjoyed her duties as the 2016 2nd runner up for the Sweet 16 contest.

Another song by the grandkids. 
Those two mischievous boys in the middle sure did enjoy having microphones!

Getting to drive a tractor is always a highlight for the grandkids!

As well as riding on the scooters and any other mobile thing.

The Lord reigns; Let the earth rejoice
Let the multitude of isles be glad!
Psalm 97:1

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