Saturday, July 22, 2017

Corn Day!

Another corn day went down in Wissmann history! I don't know exactly how many quarts we froze because we did it in the middle of an extremely busy week, so it's all kind of a blur. But we are so grateful to have corn piled up in our freezer again. 

A huge thank you to our friend, Arnie, for all his work planting the corn. 
This is always a highlight of our year!

How many of you freeze your own sweet corn?

" I will give you rain in its season, 
the land shall yield its produce, 
and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit."
Lev 26:4

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Marileigh said...

You bring me wonderful memories of picking and freezing corn, making creamed corn to can and/or freeze, with my mom and my 5 sisters. Mom also used the "extra" vegetables, of which we had plenty as dad for a prolific gardener, to make vegetable soup and we'd can quart after quart after quart of that. I've got asparagus, summer squash, tomatoes, and artichokes growing like mad, in my own garden right now, and everyone coming to my door is required to take a bag home LOL. Our mail carriers wife sent me a beautiful thank you note last week for everything I sent home with her husband. Sharing the bounty is a wonderful feeling, and you're so blessed to have friends that share.

Blessings, Mari