Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Crazy Week

*If you don't mind, the next couple of posts are going back to the beginning of May. It was a very momentous time for our family and I thought you would enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the pictures before we get back up to date.

As our family spreads out, we've found that the time we get to spend together is becoming more and more rare. So for Christmas us kids decided to give Dad and Mom (and ourselves) a weekend family trip to TN. Our entire family, in a cabin for about 4 days. Since there are so many different occupations in our family we finally found one weekend that would work for everyone. April 28th (Friday) - May 2nd (Tuesday). We were so excited! We planned the menus, daily activities, the dishes crew for each meal, transportation, we even got matching t-shirts for all of us! We couldn't wait!

Before we could go on the trip we had to get our work done and since April is a really busy month for several of us it made for some full days! During this time we knew that our Grandma Wissmann's health wasn't doing well but she went downhill faster than we expected. The week we were supposed to leave we got a call while working in the fields saying that she didn't have much time left. Dad quickly left the job site and drove the 2 1/2 hours down with Mom to say goodbye. A few hours later she was home.

As much as we were looking forward to all being together the decision was made to cancel the trip. Tears were shed as we headed to bed Monday night. The funeral was planned for Saturday morning when most of the cousins could be there. Wednesday we talked everything over  and long story short, we decided that we could possibly make the trip after all if we just postponed it a few days. A few phone calls later Dad put on our family group text that that trip was a go!!! With only a few days to be ready for the funeral and pack and get all the food ready for the trip we had a hectic couple of days.

Saturday morning we had a service honoring the life of a beautiful lady that we were privileged to call Grandma. She was extremely hard working, She was continually serving and had this quiet sweet smile that would make people feel special. All 6 of her children and 28 of her grandchildren were able to be there and celebrate her life.

We thought the rollercoaster ride was settling down but that wasn't the case. All day Dad wasn't feeling to well but after the funeral things just got worse. We were planning to head straight out to TN but Dad ended up in so much pain that we couldn't even start the bus because the vibration made it that much more painful. We brought him in to the Emergency Room and the Doctor said he needed to be transferred to Lincoln, potentially, for surgery. We prayed and made the decision to go ahead with the trip and ask God to work it out for Dad to join us. Mom, Ryan and Ruth went with him to the hospital in Lincoln and the rest of us headed to TN.

While Dad was riding in an ambulance the pain lessened and he became more comfortable. Long story shorter, Dad's small intestine was twisted and had become so swollen that it was bigger than his colon. When they reached the hospital the doctor came in ready for surgery but his intestine had untwisted and the pain was down and so they decided that he didn't need surgery after all.

After driving through the night the bus crew reached the cabin and while we were unpacking we got a text saying that Dad didn't need surgery and the Doctors were going to release him. Dad, Mom, Ryan and Ruth hit the road a few hours later and they were on their way to join us!!

We serve a wonderful God!!

"But You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious,
Longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth." 

Psalms 85:15


Anonymous said...

Wow! Praise God!

Martha Joy said...

Dear Wissmann family, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I know that must have been (and must still be) so hard for you. What a blessing that she left a legacy of love! ♥

Praise God for healing Mr. Wissmann!! It sounds like you had a very busy, rollercoaster of a week! I know you were so glad that you were able to go on your family vacation after all, and I hope you had a splendid time! :)

Oh, and how is Elizabeth doing in Sweden?

Thank you so much for what your family does and for the beautiful and encouraging music that you share! May the Father richly bless each of you as you seek to glorify Him and live for Him with your all!!
Your sister in Christ,
~Martha Joy