Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This pretty girl is the sixth child in our family and knows how to put her all into life!

Growing up between 3 brothers gave her a love for adventure early on and her own sweet personality makes living with her fun and easy! 

The last several years she has done a lot of the food organizing and cooking for our family.

Being able to visit the married siblings is a highlight for all of us!! This spring she and Alaythia spent two weeks in West Virginia with Dan and Bethany and by the stories that came back with them I think they had a blast!

Elizabeth is very involved with planning out and working in our garden every year. She does a lot of the canning in the fall when the produce comes in which usually is a full time job in itself!

In the spring and fall she works in our Dad's business installing irrigation systems.

Sometimes the work is several hours away which makes it easier and a lot quicker to fly to work rather than drive.

This summer we tried to put in a smaller garden so that we could get some other (much needed) projects done around our house. Elizabeth has been key in getting a lot of those projects started. You can always tell when Elizabeth has been in a room because it's always a little bit cleaner then before.

She plays cello and guitar with our family when we are on the road and spends a good amount of time practicing. She has recently had the opportunity to teach guitar lessons as well when we are home.

She is an amazing secretary and does all the correspondence e-mails on our website as well as scheduling all of our concerts on the road.

 We are continually blessed by Elizabeth's diligence, cheerful smile, listening ear, and zest for life!

"Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!"
Romans 11:33


Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates on your family! I really enjoy your music...its a favorite of mine. God bless you all as you continue to reach out to others around you!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is such a joy and so lovely!! Thank you for these updates, I am really enjoying them!
Blessings to all!
-Alison Turner

Bianca said...

Thanks for the update! Sounds like Elizabeth keeps busy with a varied life :)

Caravan Sonnet said...

I am Loving reading these updates!! SO fun!! :) :)
Sending love,
Rebecca :)

Amigo said...

How'd she get to be so pretty?