Tuesday, June 21, 2016


It's on to the fifth born... Andrew! And his lovely wife, Kori.

This wonderful couple currently live in Seward, Nebraska which is about 15 minutes from us!! It is always a treat when they pop in to talk, play games, join us for a meal, help us with a random project, or help us celebrate a birthday.

For the last 5 years, Andrew has worked as a project manager for a local construction company--the same company Josiah works for. He manages the irrigation branch of the company, and our family does a lot of work for them installing irrigation systems. There have been many days when Josiah, Andrew and all of us end up in the fields together. Talk about fun lunch breaks! :)

Because irrigation work is seasonal, and limited to the spring and fall, Andrew and Kori have enjoyed spending a few months in Florida during the winter and summer with Kori's family.  

The past couple of years Andrew and Kori have both been studying and taking classes to obtain their college degrees. This past spring they both graduated with degrees in business management.

If you haven't noticed our whole family enjoys being active and working out, but Andrew has brought that to a whole new level! Working out in his garage, he has been able to compete in quite a few competitions in different states and done well!

Making it to Crossfit regionals the last 3 years has been an exciting addition to the year! He went twice as an individual competitor and, this last year, he went as part of a team from Lincoln. 

Each year some of us have been able to go to the competition to cheer him on!

Kori has been a huge blessing with her photography skills! Doing everything from engagement shoots to cd pictures, this girl is amazing!

Music is still a part of each one of the married siblings lives. Andrew has enjoyed playing banjo with the worship team some Sundays at the church they attend in Orlando, and when they come over to our house it is not unusual to hear the guys play a couple tunes together.

This year the biggest change for them is very bittersweet. After living in Nebraska for 5 years God has opened the door for them to do work and ministry in Orlando, Florida. They recently bought a house close to Kori's family, and in a few weeks will be moving the 21 hours south. It is a huge change for everyone and we will miss them terribly!! The best place to be is in the middle of God's will, but that doesn't always mean that it will be easy. We are looking forward to seeing how God uses them down there.

"The LORD will guide you continually,
And satisfy your soul in drought, And strengthen your bones;
You shall be like a watered garden,
And like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail."
Isaiah 58:11


His Way Services said...

Oh, I bet you're going to miss them!

Becky M. said...

Andrew should try out for American Ninja Warrior!! I bet he could dominate that course! :)

Anonymous said...

Will you all be in Seward for the 4th?