Friday, April 15, 2016

Old Photos

Since our family is home now for a little while we have been trying to pull out some of those house projects that always need done eventually but are never at the top of the "to do" list so they rarely get done. Last week the project was sorting through a big box of old family photos. Lets just say that was an extremely fun project to tackle!

There were numerous times that someone had to ask "what baby is this?!". Some of the pictures were cute and brought smiles and sweet exclamations and some of them just brought laughs! 

We thought you might enjoy a glimpse of some of the oldies that we found. We will leave it to you to guess who is who.

"Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness."
Psalms 37:3


Lifeisajourney said...
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Kendra said...

WOW!! Those are really old! I guess i'll put my 2 cents in:) The first one is Andrew and the 5th to last one is Mom! Am I right?!

Anonymous said...

5th one down is Bethany and CharissašŸ˜„

brittani baloga said...

1st is Andrew
2nd is the dad loren with Rachel, Ruth , Josiah or Andrew
3rd is Josiah with baby Bethany
4th is Bethany with baby Charissa
5th is baby Nathanael
6th is Josiah, Andrew , Matthias , Stephen
7th is rachel and ruth
8th is rachel and ruth again
9th is the mom Gloria
10th is Andrew and Elizabeth
11th is Josiah
12th is the mom Gloria with Matthias or Stephen
13th is Josiah, Andrew , Bethany or ruth with baby Matthias or stephen

Caravan Sonnet said...

Y'all these are so fun!!! They made me smile so big!! :) Hope y'all are having a wonderful Friday and that you have a fantastic weekend!
With Love,
Rebecca :)

Sarah said...

1st: Andrew
2nd: from left to right; Josiah or Andrew, Dad, Rachel, and Ruth
3rd: Josiah and baby Bethany
4th Bethany and Charissa
5th: Baby Ruth
6th: from left to right; Andrew, baby Stephen, Josiah, and Matthias
7th: Rachel and Ruth
8th: Rachel and Ruth
9th: Mom
10th: Andrew and Elizabeth
11th: Andrew
12th: Mom and Josiah
13th: Matthias, Hannah, Stephen, and baby Susanna

Anonymous said...

1st one: Andrew, I think. It looks exactly like him.
4th one: Bethany holding Charissa.
6th one: I definitely know who Josiah is, but the rest I am just guessing age-wise which are Andrew, then Matthias, then Stephen ("the baby")
8th one: the child is Ruth or Rachel, the baby I don't know
9th one: the mom.
10th one: I almost think the boy is Andrew, the girl is maybe Ruth?
12th one: that boy looks like Nathanael

Amigo said...

0: 8 persons looking at pictures
1: Andrew
2: Ruth, Rachel, Josiah + Loren (Driving)
3: Matthias holding ... Alaythia?
4: Bethany holding Charissa
5: Either Rachel or Elizabeth ... Maybe Hannah.
6: All boys (pre-Nathanael)
7: Rachel and Ruth (studying rocketry or economics I'm sure)
8: Hannah looking at Baby Charissa (Or Rachel looking at Susanna)
9: Gloria (sporting her culinary talent)
10: Andrew and Rachel (three-wheeling)
11: Alaythia ... could be Ruth though ... (wow I'm bad at this.)
12: Probably the front of a Hallmark Card actually.
13: Matthias, Stephen, Hannah, and baby Susanna.