Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Where are we?

We have not dropped off the face of the earth!  Lets just say that it has been a full couple of weeks and we just haven't made it to the blogging world till now.

So hang on for a quick catch up. After all the Christmas festivities died down we had about a week at home with not a lot going on which made for some very relaxing and refreshing days. Then Dad, Mom and several siblings headed up to speak at a family camp in North Dakota while those at home started preparing for our upcoming 6 week trip. Finding new singing outfits, lots of food prep, getting the bus ready to go, packing, cleaning and loading.

We left home on January 20th. After a quick stop in Kansas to see Alan and Rachel. We went to Oklahoma and then to Alabama where we had services in the prisons. Then it was off to Tennessee, North Carolina and then another week was spent in South Carolina going into the prisons there as well. We are so grateful and blessed each year to be able to go into the correctional institutions and see what God is doing in the inmates lives.

Here is an update that Dad wrote after our time in the South Carolina prisons:

"After a week in the South Carolina Prisons I once again stand in awe of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ that changes a hardened criminal into a peaceful grateful inmate. This past week we had the greatest response to the gospel that we have ever seen in 10+ years of prison ministry. One gentleman, Miguel, was a man that I was told by one of the workers, was an angry, bitter man. At Tuesday nights service he came forward weeping as he surrendered his life to Jesus. I was able to visit with him for about 5 after the service and I saw a man at peace with God. The next day it was reported to me by the volunteers that he spent all day with them as they went into lock up and he join in with them as they sang and testified of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Yes, it has been a good week!!! 2Corinthians 5:17 --Loren"

By Thursday we will have done 24 concerts in 29 days. God has been so faithful during each one and we are so grateful for the strength that He gives. We really try to start each day spending time in God's word and in prayer as that brings us together and helps set our focus for the day.

Each day is different but here is a little glimpse into our everyday road life.

The hours we spend on the road is a good time to get school done, do some reading or work on hand projects.

Because every day is different we usually arrive at our destination at a different time each day. Sometimes when the bus stops it means that everyone needs to drop what they were doing and head in to set up or sometimes it means that you can move whatever you were doing inside to doing it outside!

Because so much time is spent inside the bus we all enjoy when we have the opportunity to take our projects outside! Some of the kids got hammocks for Christmas and now when we pull into a place it doesn't take long for trees to be spotted and hammocks to be set up.

Taking a break from school

Enjoying the first really beautiful day on this entire trip.

Since we do a lot of our own meals on the road that means we do a lot of dishes as well!

Our brothers are some of the only guys I know that bring along their weights and workout while on the road.

So if you see some guys working out by a black bus in a Walmart or church parking lot, it's probably us!

We've found that being on the road is a good time for us to work up new music! So if we have extra time before getting ready for the evening service we try to work on some new stuff.