Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The First Snow

Does your family have well-beloved traditions? 

One of our favorites involves the first snow of the season. Growing up, we'd eagerly watch the forecast. We'd watch out the window hoping for snow flurries thick enough to guarantee us the delicious treat of the year. 


The first snow of the season is always heralded with a large batch of mouth-watering, glazed, homemade donuts. Can't you just taste them, melting in your mouth?! 

This year the first snow occurred in Branson while Josiah & Andrew's families were visiting us. The more, the merrier?! Once Mom agreed that the snow was heavy enough to be dubbed our official 'first snow', the production began in full force! 


Joanna tried making donut snowmen out of the dough.

Glazing the 'holes'

Taste, anyone?! 

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