Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Butterfly Palace

The wonder of little things. 

As seen through the eyes of little people. 

The discovery. The excitement. The awe. 

I'm amazed at how easily I can dismiss the every-day miracles all around me. The incredible complexity and beauty of God's creation. 

Then a child enters the scene and suddenly the world is bathed in amazement, color, and laughter!   Their eyes light up and their minds overflow with questions. They eagerly reach out to touch, taste, listen, and fully soak in the wonders around them. 

How much I can learn from their simple, infectious joy!

Last week we had a visit from Bethany's family. Getting to explore Branson with her little people, Arianna & Caden, was a genuine treat. We paid a visit to the Butterfly Palace here and Bethany captured some of their playful discoveries:

I can SEE you!

The aunts enjoyed getting in on the action with safari-fashion.

Arianna was quite enamored with her binoculars.

So many butterflies!

How does this thing work??

Up close & personal with these beauties. 

Getting some help from Grandma. 

Notice the stunning detail of those wings!

Charissa & Arianna with their new 'friends'.

Who is like You, O LORD, among the gods?

Who is like You, glorious in holiness,

Fearful in praises, 

doing wonders?
Exodus 15:11


Elizabeth. said...

So much sweetness!!

Abi T said...

Hi Wissmanns

I know you all are pretty busy....but when there is a chance, it would be fun to see pictures from the family Christmas program. Since maybe there are some of us out there that werent able to go.