Monday, November 02, 2015

These Days of Preparation

Hanging on our kitchen wall is visual count-down. As I type this, the countdown is already down to 8 days. 

Eight. Days. 

Or 192 hours until our first Christmas show in Branson, Missouri. We're excited, slightly overwhelmed, and full of prayerful anticipation. On the practical side, there are so many dynamics that are yet waiting to happen. As I type, we're already in the bus headed south for our final week of rehearsals, sound checks, lighting details, and the various other aspects of the show. 

We're also full of anticipation as we look forward to this every year. Does anyone else simply love Christmas music? The lights. The powerful message and joy of remembering Christ's birth. We're blessed to be able to enjoy two full months of savoring the season. 

We also covet your prayers as we again embark on this opportunity. 

For now, here's a glimpse at the past few days around our home: 

Each day has begun early. There's something so productive about digging into the day before the sun rises. Spending time in the Word. Prayer. 

Then begin checking off the daily to-do list as the sun peeks over the horizon. 

Our guys typically ate breakfast early before heading to the fields, working to wrap up as many jobs as possible.  Meanwhile, we girls had projects to tackle: 

Sewing new costumes for Branson

Hours and hours of music practice! 

We cleaned out vehicles to make them Branson-ready.

Dad and Nathanael worked to plow our garden and make sure our home and yard is winterized.

And most every evening has found us in our family room with the instruments out. 
New songs, new arrangements, and rehearsing all those favorite carols. 

Stay tuned for more Branson behind-the-scenes!

"For our heart shall rejoice in Him,
Because we have trusted in His holy name."
Psalm 33:21


Lexi said...

Praying for you and your family!

Tashia said...

This is so exciting! I wish i could come see y'all in Branson! Maybe oneday!! :)
Praying all goes well!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling, you guys! Our kickoff Christmas concert is day after Black Friday!

Wish I could see your program. : )

Karen Johnson