Saturday, November 07, 2015

Preparations Continue

We're in Branson! The past several days have been a fast-paced mixture of rehearsals and attention to details as we count down only a couple more days until our Christmas show officially begins. We've really been in awe of how the Lord has gone before us here -- and almost daily we've experienced specific answers to prayer. We're so grateful! 

Again this year, our show contains over 300 costume items, so the hauling and setting up of our dressing rooms took a bit of coordination and organization. We're often reminded that 'many hands make light work'...and are glad for all the teamwork we can experience in pulling together toward a common goal. Everyone has their strengths and we rely on each person playing their unique role. 

And here are a few photos from the past couple days: 

Unloading the bus & trailer

Getting all the sound equipment moved in

Setting up the dressing rooms

The large stack of instruments... 20 total for our Christmas show!

Practice, practice, practice! 

In addition to fine-tuning all the musical aspects of the show, we also rehearse choreography, lighting, sound, and dialog. 

Mom at the hammered dulcimer 

Endurance. Patience. Cooperation. Stamina.

All essential traits we have plenty of opportunity to practice! 

Checking sound settings

Meanwhile, our dressing rooms often turn into a makeshift kitchen as we prepare meals and eat on the 'go'. 

Break time

And time to re-fuel! 

Again, we're so grateful for your prayers as you walk this exciting journey with us! We're looking forward to sharing more in the coming week as we are officially up and running on Wednesday. We sincerely pray that this Christmas will be one of increased opportunity to share both the message and HOPE of the season -- found in Jesus Christ. 

"For unto you a child is born, unto you a Son is given..."
Isaiah 9:6


Anonymous said...

Prayers for a great first show and a great run!! We have been talking about coming down to see all of ya'll at the 10:00 am show..... Hope all goes well!! Stay healthy and keep on with ya'lls great spirits!

Lexi said...

Praying for you and your family!
In Christ

Anonymous said...

hey how are you? Some of our friends came down to see one of your shows... not sure if it was the one yesterday or the one tommorow. There oldest daughter is micheala and she is penpals with alathia. They were so excited to see yall again! Do you remember them? We might be coming down to one of your shows in november!! so excited! So any ways , have a great time and keep on ministering for the lord! You guys are great!
A reader Of the wissman blog

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep commenting adds? It is kinda weird ecause this is a famiy blog..... just sayin

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking down the adds it was just kinda weird becasuse i felt like it was trying tyo sell something when i resaly just wanted to coment your blog sorry about causing trouble:(