Monday, November 23, 2015

A Branson Christmas Part 1

We're just beginning our third week of Christmas here in Branson, Missouri. And what a precious, packed, eventful three weeks we've had thus far. Life is settling into a regular routine now that rehearsals are behind us, and each day is a new opportunity to meet people & share the timeless Christmas message!

With many thanks to Kori for her photography, here is a glimpse of this year's production:

Love came gently, soft as a baby,
Born to a lowly virgin girl. 

Wrapped in rags and laid in a manger, 
Love came gently to our world.

No applause, no fanfare of trumpets
Heralding Hope had come to earth. 

For the Promised tenderly entered,
Choosing instead a humble birth. 

Only shepherds and the wisest, 
Found Him beneath the stars so bright.

While the nations lay deep in slumber,
Love came gently in the night.

No applause, no fanfare of trumpets,
Heralding Hope had come to earth. 

For the Promised tenderly entered, 
Choosing instead a humble birth.

Love came gently, sweetly to save us, 
Knowing the price He had to pay.

And to all who trust in the Savior,
Love comes gently still today.

Love comes gently still today!


Anonymous said...

the pictures are awesome

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the remainder of your time. Looking forward to your Falls City Show!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! So exciting to see. :)

Anonymous said...

What is the guitar called that is played like a lap guitar, but played while