Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tell of His Faithfulness

This past weekend we make a quick tour to Wisconsin. We had just wrapped up an action-packed week at home: working in the irrigation fields, diligently practicing Christmas music for Branson, clearing out our garden. 

Then we pulled out of our driveway and re-focused our attentions on the opportunities ahead. It's always a bit of a challenge, investing whole-heartedly into each of the unique facets of our life during this season. 

Touring. Stage dynamics. Ministry. Branson Rehearsals. 

Field work. Training new employees. Longer-term discipleship. Gardening. School. 

Perhaps in light of this, the Lord gave us two extra-special blessings and gentle reminders as we toured this weekend:

First, one of our concerts was in a Wisconsin prison. This is always an extra joy and challenge: 

The challenge is due to our inability to bring any of our younger children with us behind the prison bars. So there is always a re-working and shuffling of each song as we older ones step in to fill in the gaps, musically. 

The joy is due to watching the Lord reach down in mighty ways, touching the hearts of the men -- working to bless, convict, and encourage as the Word is shared. It is in these moments with the hurting and wounded where we see the gentle, compassionate drawing of the Holy Spirit in beautiful ways. 

This concert was no exception. We were met with a warm, enthusiastic crowd. They relished the music with smiles and applause, occasionally adding shouts of 'Amen'! As Dad opened the Word and shared, they were attentive and thoughtful. It is always sobering to realize that we are there for just a short time. Two hours. What good can be done in two hours? 

And yet, the Word of God is living and powerful! In ourselves, we can do nothing. But we serve the Almighty God who touches lives through the truth of His Word. What joyful confidence! 

As Dad shared the Gospel, one man prayed to receive Christ. The angels are rejoicing in heaven. 

Another concert we shared was with Bethel Baptist's Homecoming Celebration. This was a unique event as the church gathered to spend the whole day sharing stories and testimonies of how God had worked -- from the first day the church opened its doors until now. 


We were incredibly encouraged and blessed to hear the amazing deeds of our God to a generation gone by. We marveled and rejoiced with the Bethel Baptist church family at the faith and vision of families who had first gathered to seek the Lord for this church body. 

There is something incredible in hearing the faithfulness of our God from the generation who has gone before! One of my favorite memories as a child was story time with Mom & Dad, when they would tell us what God had done for them, in them, and through them -- often events and situations which happened before I was even born!! 

Which started us thinking. How are we re-counting the works of our God to the next generation? In what ways have we intentionally shared His faithfulness to those younger than ourselves? How can we document and share these evidences of God's care in practical ways -- today?! 

Christianity can be completely lost in a single generation, if we fail to pass it on!

"We will not hide them from their descendants; 
we will tell the next generation 
the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, 
His power, and the wonders He has done." 
Joel 1:3


Ethan Frei said...

It was a blessing to have you at Bethel this last weekend. I really like your music! Thank you for sharing :)

Robert Price said...

You guys and gals make a hard week's worth of work seem routine. I guess when you got the spirit, share it and can see the fruit of your work it would make it any mountain of work easy to climb.