Saturday, October 24, 2015

Formal Night

These photos are begging for one more post from our recent Sing & Sail Cruise: 

Formal night. 

That one night when you get all dressed up and enjoy the formal dinner & evening. When you try to remember everything your mom ever taught you about which-fork-to-use-when or how to properly use the special little butter knife. 

Where you pour over the complicated menu, trying to find an item that looks familiar -- or even seems pronounceable. Hoping that what arrives is remotely close to what you're envisioning! 

But most of all, you look around at the lovely friends and family surrounding you and marvel at the joy of experiencing this together. Thanking the Lord for the friendships which are so deep that it wouldn't matter if you were huddled around a campfire or in a fine dining restaurant. 

Because that's where the real treasure is found. Relationships. Truth. Joy in Christ. 

So, here's a quick glimpse of our formal night together: 

Ruth with our friends, Rebecca & Michelle

Dad & Mom

Susanna & Hannah

Nathanael & Alaythia

Elizabeth & Stephen

Matthias & Alaythia

Formal photos with friends, the Jacobsons.

Our crew

He has made His wonderful works to be remembered;
The LORD is gracious and full of compassion.
Psalm 111:4


Elizabeth. said...

Such sweet captures! Glad you all had a wonderful time.:)

Bethany M. said...

Such a beautiful family! What a blessing from God! I would love to see your family in concert. Maybe you'll be in northeast Indiana some day. So for now I read all of your posts and enjoy your strong Christian values and morals immensely.
God bless the Wissman family.
Bethany M.

Larissa Mae R said...

Looks like lots of fun, Boston looks like a AWESOME place to go!