Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2015 Family Cruise

Our bags were packed...counted and re-counted. 

It was almost as if we were planning a trip within a trip. First, pack the bus with everything needed for a 4 week tour of the midwest and eastern states. This sort of packing includes loading our clothing into every built-in closet space, nook & cranny, of the bus. 

Then we also needed suitcases and luggage for our week at sea, sharing as part of the Sing & Sail Cruise group. Talk about creative storage & organization! 

We arrived in New York City eager to meet our cruise group and looking forward to days ahead. It was an opportunity to build relationships, make family memories, and -- as it turned out due to Hurricane Joaquin -- to learn even more flexibility!

Here is a glimpse of our days on the ship:

We loaded in the exciting & bustling activity of New York Harbor.

Smiles from on deck

Our first meal, surveying the new surroundings.

This ship offered some pretty amazing features on-deck. Of course, our competitive clan couldn't wait long to stoke up some fierce & friendly competition.

Our brothers are continually coaching us to learn & master new sports.
Let's just say basketball isn't our strong suit...yet! 

We sailed past Lady Liberty.

At 6:00 each evening supper was served.

Throughout the afternoons we often shared music concerts...

...and workshops which allowed for more in-depth sharing time.

Breakfast at sea

The whole crew -- ready for adventure!

Of course, spending all day at sea requires additional ways to burn off energy and stay in shape. Especially during road life, we purpose to be intentional about our physical activity.

Charissa was especially delighted by the 'towel-art' placed in our rooms every night. She has since been practicing towel-folding skills to delight her little nieces & nephews.

Late-night visiting & food.

The host for our group is skilled in ventriloquism and couldn't resist giving Dad a hard time during the concert sessions.

On land or on sea, we're grateful for this opportunity to share. 

Ordinary people. Ordinary struggles. 

Extra-ordinary God!

"Many, O LORD my God, 
are Your wonderful works
Which You have done;And Your thoughts toward us
Cannot be recounted to You in order;
If I would declare and speak of them,
They are more than can be numbered."

Psalm 40:5


Alicia said...

How fun. God Bless your trip!

Becky M. said...

Great pictures! And let me also add that if Nathanael keeps growing at this rate he'll be taller than all of you by Christmas!! :)

Cerwin R High said...

Great pictures and summary of the trip. We loved being along on the cruise. Cerwin and Doris High.

Anonymous said...

That looks so beautiful! Glad that you guys get to be a part of it!And I totally agree with Becky M. Nathaneal is growing so fast these days!
- a friend