Wednesday, September 16, 2015


The smile.

So much is communicated in this one, powerful gesture. Joy. Relationship. Caring.

I remember numerous times in my childhood when Mom would make eye contact with me and smile. Often we would gather around the baby of the family and laugh, grin, and do all within our power to coax a smile from that tiny face.

It's the warmth of sunshine bursting from one heart to another.

As I look over the dozens of photos captured during our reunion weekend together, I'm struck by the visible sign of this connection. Family relationships are so precious. Our family has such a diverse range of personalities and interests. As the younger ones grow and develop -- and new members have joined our family -- this beautiful chord of relationships has only deepened and become more rich & meaningful. We treasure our time together!

And so we look back at these photos and yes, they make us smile.

Smiles of gratitude & thanksgiving for the Giver of all good gifts.

After all -- He created every smile. 

Kori & Charissa

Abi & Asher

Arianna & Andrew

Charissa & Grandpa

Grandma & Kori

Elizabeth & Arianna

Nathanael & Alan

Caden, Nathanael, & Arianna

Charissa, Hannah, Susanna, & Arianna

Joanna & Charissa

Ruth, Alaythia, Bethany, Charissa, Hannah, Kori, Elizabeth, & Susanna
(missing Rachel & Abi as they had to leave a day early)

"A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance."
Prov 15:18

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Becky Masker said...

It still amazes me to think that a family can actually be so happy and so full of joy. Smiles and laughter were rare in my family. Affection was even rarer and it wasn't unusual for me to go days, sometimes weeks, without so much as a hug from anyone. Today I'm torn between being touch starved and phobic about being touched and I prefer to be alone. Social skills are developed through being social with your family and I never really had that. I was never abused, but I never really felt like I was entirely loved either. Count each one of your blessings, Dear Wissmann family, and hold them all close to your heart because they are precious. Keep on smiling, for yourselves, for each other and for those of us who marvel at the beauty of a smiling and happy family! <3