Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Prison Update:

Thank you for interceding with us this past weekend as we ministered in the Colorado prisons. 

Mom wrote the following re-cap of the opportunities we encountered: 

We had the privilege of going into three prisons near Canon City, CO, this week.  Thank you sincerely for your prayers.  The town of Canon City, besides being known for the Royal Gorge,  is also the location of ‘prison valley,’  where 13 state prisons are located.

Each prison has a different entry, and we charted the unknowns of maneuvering our equipment to each chapel area. We sensed the Lord's presence and blessing at each service and the men seemed to greatly appreciate the music and teaching.  

Friday evening we were in Territorial prison; it received it’s name because it was an established prison before Colorado became a state.  It is now the prison which includes the infirmary, hospice and special needs inmates.  There was a row of 6 hearing impaired inmates who had sign language interpreters for them, along with several men with canes, and a wheel chair.  Our good friend, Matt, is the chaplain at this prison and he shared with us that his training as a CNA and work in a nursing home prior to this opportunity was coming in very useful in ministering to the unique needs of the men here.

   Saturday afternoon we were in Fremont prison, and were met with an enthusiastic Rocky Mountain welcome from the men.  They sang with gusto and joined in worship heartily.

   Sunday evening we were in the Colorado State Pen.  It is a level 5, state of the art, ASEG maximum security facility where the prisoners are kept in individual cells, so that they cannot harm each other. There is an honor pod that carries out most of the work of the prison, cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry for the inmates in lock down.  We were able to sing for the men of the honor pod. In each of the services, only Elizabeth, Matthias, Stephen, Hannah, and Susanna were able to come into with Loren and I, so Loren had enjoyed telling them that actually, we have 13 children.  Their reaction always was laughter and the ice was instantly broken. We all enjoyed the heart to heart time sharing Christ, studying the Word and worshiping together.   Several men expressed desire to commit their life to the Lord. 

     After each service, we again ran through security and exited the prisons, looking out to the majestic mountain scene all around us. While the view was incredible, I was reminded that God’s most treasured creation is mankind, and the joy of seeing that relationship restored between God and man through Jesus Christ.

Again, thank you for covering us with prayer through these few days. What a joy to partner with you in the Lord's work!

"...for it is God who works in you 
both to will and to do for His good pleasure."
Phil 2:13


Nathan J. said...

Praise the Lord! Glad to hear everything went so well!!

Jessica said...

Thank you for the update! The Lord answers prayers! To God be the glory for the ministry that you are doing in the prisons!

Caravan Sonnet said...

Thank you so much for updating us!! Been praying for y'all and this trip specifically!! :) Praise the Lord for answered prayers!!
Happy Wednesday y'all!!
Blessings, Rebecca :)
p.s. Can't wait to see y'all in just a few short months!! YEA!!

Anonymous said...

I remember a post on your blog several years back with a picture of all the girls with french braids in their hair...I thought that was neat, but I couldn't find it the other night when looking..can you direct me to it?