Monday, August 17, 2015

Storybook Theater

One of our favorite aspects of the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival is the annual Children's Storybook Theater. For several years now we've shared two 1-hour sessions with songs, Bible verses, and a continuing drama featuring the life of a devoted Christian. 

This year we chose Johann Sebastian Bach. Although his music is world-famous, we knew little about his private life and testimony. It was time to do some research! Ruth wrote and directed the drama after searching out many great insights from the life of this great man. 

Did you know: 
-- Bach was actually of Hungarian decent, but his great, great grandfather moved the Bach family to Germany in order to escape the Christian persecution.  
-- Bach was orphaned at the age of 10.  
-- Bach fixed & cleaned organs as his first out-of-school job at the age of 17. 
-- Bach had 20 children, unfortunately only 9 surviving to adulthood.  
-- Bach obtained his first copy of the Bible at the age of 48.  
-- After being encouraged to write operas in order to gain fame & a better position, Bach wrote the Passion of St. Matthew. It is the piece which Mandelsson played to popularize Bach once again. It is the same piece which has started revival in Japan.  

Matthias & Hannah led the music.

So many enthusiastic singers! 

We were thrilled and grateful for several Nebraska friends (the Stangl & Kopsa families) who came along side us and added immensely to the drama! 

The Kopsa children adding their music to the drama.

What's a musical drama!

The geographical guide to Bach's life.

Ellie Stangl was our master narrator.

Bach's childhood.

Teenage Bach in conversation with a friend.

Bach as a man & with his children.

"The aim and final end of all music should be 
none other than the 
glory of God 
and the refreshment of the soul. 
If heed is not paid to this, it is not true music 
but a diabolical bawling and twanging." 
Johann Sebastian Bach


Damaris said...

A hello from Leipzig to you! I'm following your blog for a while now and I'm thrilled to see you dealing with Bach :-) Your family is wonderful and you all are such an encouragement and inspiration to many. Keep up the good work and your love for one another!

Caravan Sonnet said...

Oh my goodness this is lovely! I love that you focused on Bach as many people are not aware of his testimony and it is absolutely inspiring!! Thank you for sharing with us!
:) Hugs y'all!
:) Rebecca

Bloombunchboys said...

That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is so lovely!! you guys are such an amazing family!!

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