Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beets and More Beets

The last several weeks have consisted of multi-day ministry tours in the midwestern states (Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin), with a few stops at home, giving us just enough time to harvest our multitude of garden produce. Each year our garden is a bit different. Some years the tomatoes are prolific. Other years its the cucumbers. This year our beets really went to town!

Honestly, some of us are beet fans. Others aren't. But when they come in by the wagon load, you roll up your sleeves and start canning! 

Just one of our many wagon loads.

Our cucumbers have also been producing in abundance. 

Pulling the wagon down the rows. 
Being gone for much of the summer, weed control has been a challenge, but thankfully everything is producing well in spite of the occasional neglect. 

Washing the beets.

Cooking and peeling them

Hot summer teamwork!


And finally a water bath. Thus far we've canned over 150 quarts of beets, in addition to making beet chips and exploring every creative outlet we can think of!

What is your favorite way to use garden excess!?!


Laura Spilde said...

This is neeet. We don't have lots of land right now......

Anonymous said...

Juice the Beet then add ginger/kale. Super yum

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! I am relatively new to canning and appreciate seeing the process for canning beets (which we love, too)!

Anonymous said...

I made a chocolate beet cake one year and oh it is soooo yummy!! doesn't use too many beets but gives chocolate a different twist!
C Kay Krein, South Dakota

Jessica said...

I loved touring your amazing garden! That's an incredible beet harvest! We sometimes grate fresh beets in our salads. Since we don't usually have a garden, we sometimes buy in bulk if we find some good deals at our local grocery store.