Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sisters Weekend


A bond of the heart. A kindred friendship. 

And all the fun, quirky moments that are inevitable when getting a whole gaggle of Wissmann girls in one place for more than 24 hours! 

Yes, as we've grown and life has brought many new changes and adjustments to our family life, we're learning the importance of being intentional to encourage one another and be actively involved in each other's lives. Time flies so quickly and we're rarely all together with time to simply share hearts. 

So we sisters decided to sponsor a 'sisters weekend'. We all traveled to our grandparent's house to spend a couple days together. 

We thought a street vender selling gourmet cupcakes was too good an opportunity to pass up!

We did lots of hiking. Northeastern Iowa is filled with hidden treasures and we had a blast every afternoon exploring. 


The bluffs near the Mississippi are covered in trees, waterfalls, and trails. 

This was called 'Bridal Veil Falls'.

Action shot with the self-timer.

Mission accomplished! We hiked a mile up the side of the bluff for a fantastic view of the Mississippi River. 

Afterward, we visited the quaint, historic town of McGregor. 

So many unique, quaint shops. 

The 'Paper Moon' was our favorite: 
Three entire floors of unique gifts.

Another day we visited the beautiful Dunnings Springs near Decorah. 

Of course, one can't simply spectate a view such as this. We had to get in on the action.

The breathtaking falls.

Kori & Alaythia

And lastly, we explored an ice cave. 
As we approached the opening, it literally felt as if a freezer door had been left open. A great way to cool off on a hot day! 

Other highlights of the weekend included: 

Reading and discussing a book together by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Working out & jogging each morning. 
Touring a fish hatchery.
Laughing and telling stories with Grandpa & Grandma.
Devouring Grandma's delicious cooking & helping in her kitchen.
Daily raiding the raspberry bed for fresh, warm berries. 
Encouraging each other with meaningful notes. 
A big bowl of ice cream (Grandpa's favorite) every evening.

We're so thankful for this precious gift of sisterhood. As the years quickly pass, may we never fail to intentionally 'consider one another in order to stir up love and good works'! 
Hebrews 10:24

Due to a schedule conflict, Abi wasn't able to join us. 
Next year! 


Jessica said...

Looks like such a lovely time! There's nothing better than spending time with sisters, and what a beautiful place to spend time together! :)

Cryslyn said...

Lovely pictures! My husband and I live about 5 minutes from McGregor and visit that town and Pikes Peak quite often. It would have been neat to see you all there!

God Bless!


Elizabeth. said...

So glad you were all able to spend this special time together! I recognize those springs & the overlook - our family stopped by those on a trip. The waterfall is especially gorgeous! Many blessings + thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

What a wonderful looking time!! I totally love the cupcake sign picture, too cute! :D The hiking looked like a blast and what a pretty waterfall. :) So glad y'all had a fun sister time together!

Anonymous said...

When is your new CD coming out?

Alicia said...

That is wonderful. What a blessing to have so many wonderful sisters and to be all together making wonderful memories.

Lexi said...

Sisters are best friends! Glad you all got to spend time with all of the sisters!
In Christ,