Monday, June 15, 2015

Kansas Life

 Welcome to our happy home in Kansas! This is Rachel, signing in to give you a quick update on our life and adventures here on the farm.

The corn is stretching toward the sky and my husband is preparing for wheat harvest as I type. As those of you on the farm can attest, each season comes with unique activities and tasks, a reality both Alan and I savor to the fullest. There's just something beautiful about rustling of wheat fields blowing in the wind. Or watching the cattle graze in silhouette with a flaming sunset for a backdrop. Yes, farm life is delightful!

 I've enjoyed being in my garden this spring and we've been reaping the benefits of plentiful greens since early April. Lettuce, spinach, radishes, kale, swiss chard, spring onions, snow peas, and beets, just to name a few! Our table has been brimming with nutritious salads and I've had fun experimenting with new ways to use our plentiful harvest!

Another adventure has been starting my first herb garden. A friend visited me this spring and painted these lovely herb-markers for me. Aren't they just perfect?!

Of course, not ALL our food is healthy. For a mission fundraiser this spring I decided to experiment with my basic cinnamon roll recipe. (Those who know me, know I LOVE to make homemade cinnamon rolls. Yum!) The result was a variety of tasty treats:

 Pictured above are: Peanut Butter Rolls // Cinnamon Rolls // Lemon Poppyseed Rolls // Salted Caramel Apple Rolls // Nutella Rolls // White Caramel Cranberry Rolls.

Last September, Alan and I began a new venture which has become a highlight of each week during the school year: College ministry! With an opening to serve in leadership at a local college student ministry group, we sensed the Lord's blessing to plug in and invest in these dynamic, young lives. It's been awesome to watch the group grow and deepen relationships through the weekly meetings and small group Bible studies. It's been stretching and rewarding to see the students initiate ministry on campus and dig into God's Word for themselves.

I greatly enjoyed getting to hear my husband open the Word and teach each week. He has an earnest, motivating teaching style which really seems to resonate with the students. He taught through the book of Daniel and I was personally challenged by the godly characteristics displayed in Daniel's life -- especially in the face of great adversity. We also reflected on God's character as He revealed Himself in Daniel's life. What a great God we serve!

We look forward to every opportunity to spend time with my family and were thrilled to have Hannah & Susanna spend a week with us last month. Jogging. Ice cream at Braums. Decorating. Laughing. Trying new recipes. Yes, we had a delightful time!

I still enjoy directing the children's choir at church and teach a few piano lessons on the side. Hearing children lift their voices in song is a priceless joy and I continually marvel at their ability to grasp Biblical truths through the lyrics. Alan encourages me to write music and the children's choir continues to be a wonderful outlet!

Life is an beautiful, endless adventure with this amazing man.
 (Yes, we're paddling in a cardboard / duct tape boat!)

"Your mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens;
Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds."


Lexi said...

Glad the farm is going good. The planets in the garden look so yummy! That's so amazing that God gives you both the opportunity to teach at a college ministry! Having Hannah and Susanna visit is awesome!
In Christ,

Janelle said...

It's always fun to get an update from Kansas! Your variety of rolls sound delicious. Can you share the recipes? I've enjoyed teaching the kids in my classroom your songs that have such meaning. Glad to hear that you continue to write more.


Jessica said...

Enjoyed reading an update from life in Kansas! Wow, you have an amazing garden! And the cinnamon rolls look delicious! :)

Elizabeth Lindsay said...

How wonderful to hear an update from you, Rachel! I Greatly enjoy the college ministry here in my town. Have you heard of Young Life? The college leader at my church heads it up at our local university. Up until a few weeks ago, we were going through the entire old testament. However, now we have started at course on poverty, and how we as Christians should look at it/help.

Wow, you live near a Braums? We don't have any near Topeka!

Maggie Shaw said...

Can you please post the cinnamon roll recipe?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Rachel!! It is always so fun to hear what all is going on in your life!

Elizabeth. said...

Enjoyed this update of your recent adventures, Rachel! And those herb-markers are simply beautiful. May have to tuck away that idea for something similar in future years! Your cooking creations are always inspiring, too - mmm, nutella cinnamon rolls?! Blessings to you and Alan!

Becky Masker said...

I would love to know how you make the peanut butter rolls and the salted caramel apple rolls! They both sound out of this world delicious!! :)

Abby said...

Hi Wissmanns
Thanks Rachel for your post. I do have one question off topic completely. I have your album Step by Step and I love it!!! Where my question comes in is what are the words to the second verse in the song Lord I Need You? I enjoy that song, but I cant understand the words. Thanks
P.s. I signed up for your prayer letters. My email is skalywags591@.... and you dont have to post this if you dont want to