Friday, March 13, 2015

We're Back

Wow. It's been awhile. Too long.

Thousands of miles have passed beneath the bus wheels.

We've crossed paths with hundreds of dear people -- many old friends and new.

A dozen prison services with answered prayers at every turn.

Priceless conversations with people from a variety of backgrounds, struggles and joys.

A new recording has been completed -- this time with many songs we've recently written and arranged.

We've had a new addition to our family -- a bundle-of-energy puppy!

And once again, we see the Lord's faithfulness woven throughout. Always strong in our weaknesses. Always with grace for each new experience.

We have so much to share with you!!


But before we launch into a flurry of post-tour posting, you'll probably notice that we've done another update to our site. While the design is about the same, we're excited to announce some new updates, thanks to Johnson Marketing & Media:

We now have all of our music -- and the DVD -- available as music downloads! You can listen to audio clips and instantly purchase and download each CD. We've also updated our shipping & handling process, so you'll be much more up-to-date with your order. Visit our store HERE.

Our schedule page is still in the works as we still need to update the summer ministry schedule. If you're interested in hosting a concert this summer, please be in touch with us soon! We'll be mostly ministering in the midwest until September, when we tour to the East Coast. If you'd like more details, contact us HERE or via phone: #402-641-7830

Again, we're excited to be back online and look forward to sharing the Lord's work in the coming days. Great things HE has done -- and continues to work in our lives!
"For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords,
the great God, mighty and awesome."
Duet 10:17

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