Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Family Christmas

The weekend before Christmas, we all gathered for a couple days together to enjoy our family celebration time in Branson. What a treat! Since this was our 4th holiday season in the Branson area, it has become almost a second home for us. And with all the married families and grandchildren, it was a couple days packed with action, conversation, competition, and music. Here are a few of the highlights: 

We spent one afternoon at Silver Dollar City. There's something extra special about experiencing the awe and delight of Christmas through the eyes of little people! 

We packed into our little cabin for mealtimes. The littles did a great job eating with these trays. 

Another highlight was our annual gift exchange. We draw names and the youngest members of the family always help deliver the packages. 

Matthias & Hannah

Ever artistic, Hannah added her fancy calligraphy to Andrew's gift.


Alan & Rachel



Dad & Mom


Susanna, Stephen, & Elizabeth

Arianna & Ruth

Alan & Rachel were given a new game for Christmas: Tenzi. We invented our own twist to the game and had a complete blast playing it -- and sharing it with friends. 

On our final show in Branson, we had the entire family here to share the event. We brought them all on stage to share a song together. 

And we wrapped up our several -day vacation with a visit to the Dixie Stampede. Dad & Mom bought red sweaters for all the guys, so the were decked out in style for the event. 

What a joy to have this priceless family time! Not pictured are the intense volleyball games, late night chats, mealtime treats, and hugs all around. Thank the Lord for family!! 

"Then the angel said to them,
“Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people."
Lule 2:10


Anonymous said...

In the 14th picture Matthias and Hannah look like a married couple sitting there together! It is so inspiring to see how much you siblings love each other!

Elizabeth. said...

Super special to have the whole family together again! Love the picture of you all singing :) Blessings to the Wissmann family!

Jessica said...

What a lovely time! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into all your Christmas celebrations!

Lexi said...

This looks like a fun CHRISTmas!
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I Love the pics of the brothers and sisters together!