Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Enjoying the Outdoors

Well, it has happened again. A lapse in blogging. 

But, as is always the case, this isn't an indication that we haven't had anything to blog about. On the contrary! Life has been in the fast lane here. A month of touring in the east. Our grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. (pictures coming soon!) Wrapping up the fall irrigation season on the home front. And countless hours of music practice every.single.day! 

In the midst of it all, we're greatly enjoying the gorgeous, fall weather. It was especially nice while we were on tour last month -- so much so, in fact, we opted to picnic outside whenever possible. The changing of the seasons are so refreshing! Don't you agree?! 

So, as we play catch-up here on the blog, be watching for a burst of posting this week. We'll start out with some of touring pictures as we enjoyed a lunch in the great outdoors. Stay tuned... 

For He is the living God,
And steadfast forever;

Daniel 6:26


Lexi said...

Ya girls r gorgeous! Seems like ya all r having a lot of fun! Can't wait to her the songs ya r doing!
In Christ,

Jessica said...

I love the lighting of the pictures! Looking forward to seeing more posts!

Tashia said...

Yes. I am enjoying the fall weather too! It's been rather warm, here in PA, but VERY rainy! I look forward to more posts!!

Anonymous said...

Like your shirt, Susanna.

Rebekah @ Heritage of Grace said...

Looks like you're enjoying some Mexican food. Was this a stop on the road? It looks like there's a cemetery behind you all?