Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Moments

Living in a big family has an abundance of great moments:

Random bursts of laughter.
Looks of mischievous understanding.
Good natured teasing -- which is quickly dished back.
A deep, settled feeling of love and belonging.

Those of you whom we've met in concert may have even gathered this fact from our times on stage. Silent communication often happens at a second's glance!

So this post is nothing profound. Just a conglomeration of random family moments captured in time. Perhaps it will cause you to look around for those often-overlooked, priceless moments in your life.

Because life has great moments.

He brought out His people with joy,

His chosen ones with gladness.
Psalm 105:43


Anonymous said...

So sweet. :)

Love the photo of Kori behind the camera! Such a cool shot.

Lexi said...

This is so wonderful! Love all of the pictures!
In Christ,

Tashia said...

Always love seeing photos!

Also, my family is REALLY enjoying your CD "My Heart, Your Home"! We sing songs from it most everyday!! :)

Abbie D. said...

Sweet photos! What a blessing:) I love random family's always great to capture them on camera, that way it stays with you for a lifetime.

Jessica said...

Although I've never met you in person, I saw some videos of you all singing, and noticed your sibling communication(my sisters and I do the same when we sing) *smile*

Nice pictures btw!