Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Iowa Reunion

Lush rolling hills. Red barns and tidy farmsteads. Fresh air after a summer rain. 


That pretty well sums up our past weekend in Iowa. Once again we were able to travel to our grandparents to share music and enjoy an extended family reunion. Since Dan & Bethany don't live too far down the road, they popped over to join us, too. We enjoyed meeting many second and third cousins and seeing familiar faces, too. With plenty of aunts and uncles around to entertain her children, Bethany kindly captured a few pictures: 

They had horse-drawn carriage rides around the farm.

Enjoying Great-Grandpa...

...and Great-Grandma, too!

Arianna takes after her mommy -- especially when it comes to her love for books! 

She also enjoys helping Grandma tune up her hammered dulcimer!

The setting for our concert was so unique! The barn was lovely and rustic --and what made it extra special was the fact that our great, great grandfather actually built it! Would he have guessed that future generations would gather under its roof for a bluegrass gospel concert?! 

What a joy to praise the Lord as part of a reunion weekend!


And more smiles! 

And in that day you will say:

“Praise the LORD, call upon His name;
Declare His deeds among the peoples,
Make mention that His name is exalted."

Isaiah 12:4


Cryslyn said...

Precious photos! I'm glad ya'll had a lovely time! Family reunions are always such fun. :)


Lexi said...

Such lovely pictures! Arianna and Caden r so adorable! Love the lights in the barn.
In Christ,

Jessica said...

How nice to sing in a barn built by your great great grandfather! Looks like a very special day!

Arianna and Caden are so cute!