Friday, May 23, 2014

Cruise Finale

I just looked through my blog drafts and realized I never finished posting pictures from our recent cruise. What a special, delightful, refreshing time it was for our family. We're so grateful for this opportunity! It was such a precious joy to meet some of you, our blog readers. To marvel at the Lord's awesome handiwork around us. And to lift our voices in joyful song each evening. The whole week was truly remarkable. 

Here are the final pictures from our week: 

Ice cream smiles. 
And do I see a bit of sunburn on those faces?!

We helped lead a morning of children's ministry. 
Drama and music are a powerful way of sharing Biblical truth with children.

We spent a day a Key West, Florida. 
Of course, we had to taste their famous key lime pie!

The architecture and foliage was so unique and tropical.

Can you guess where we are?!


We found a coconut vender and bought a couple fresh coconuts from her. She drilled a hole in the coconut for us to drink the coconut milk, but had us crack them open ourselves. Andrew made it look easy. 

Mmmmmm! Most of us liked the mild coconut flavor. Refreshing on a hot day!

And some of us found some less-healthy local treats. 

A piece of our home state!

The adventurers

Each night was such a special time with our tour group. There were several ministry teams on board and every evenings we heard from most of them. We sang each night and had such an amazing time of worship and encouragement. The evenings flew so quickly! 

At the end of the evening, most of the teams would gather on stage for some group music and sing-alongs. 

Our whole crew. 

As a side note, are you looking for a special marriage-get-away? 
Or perhaps a unique family trip? 
Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement! 

"He has made His wonderful works to be remembered:
 the Lord is gracious and full of compassion."
Psalm 111:4


Alison said...

It was such a wonderful time, wasn't it? :) If I may say so, it was a precious joy for some of your blog readers to meet you, too! ;) We need to make this a regular thing... haha. The whole trip was just marvelous, and yet meeting y'all and talking, laughing (forgetting to press elevator buttons, anyone?!), and just hanging out was so priceless and such a special part of the cruise.

Overall, such delightful memories. <3

Juli said...

I saw Dorcas!! :)

Cryslyn said...

What a splendid trip it must have been! Such lovely photos and the scenery is breathtaking! I've been to the Bahamas before with my family so I know what it's like there, although I would have loved to go again and see all of you! But Lord-willing, maybe I'll see you guys next year. :)

Warm blessings,

Caravan Sonnet said...

Awww... I totally agree with Alison! It was such a wonderful time and it was such a joy to meet y'all!! Praying that the Lord allows our paths to reconnect again soon!
:) Rebecca

Lexi said...

Sounds like it was rly fun. Maybe next year I can join you all but doubt full.
In Christ,
P.S. Love all of the pictures.

B.Y.S. said...

My Mom and I had coconut milk from a green coconut but in India, they cut them open for us and put a straw in it for us to drink!


Jessica Kay said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was hoping for those last pictures. :)