Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Cruise: Day One

It was the adventure of a lifetime. Something we never dreamed would ever be a possibility. But here we were, pulling up to the loading dock and preparing for four days of new experiences. The cruise ship was loading and we had tickets in hand. Anticipation was high: new friends to meet, long-time friends to see, and a whole new world of tropical wonderment lay ahead.

We're humbly grateful for each person who made this a possibility for our family. We hope you enjoy a little 'photo-tour' of the trip:

We arrived with a monstrous stack of luggage, instruments, products, and more. We were grateful for the kind porters who helped us transfer everything to the ship. We loaded everything on their carts and headed to the check-in area.


Smiles of anticipation!

Double-checking everything.

We stood in line through security and got ready to board. It was so delightful to start meeting friends who were part of our 'Sing & Sail' group. 


Once on the ship we were treated to a delicious buffet. And we were hungry! 


Smiles from the deck of the ship!

Although we heard the "Majesty of the Seas" is the Royal Caribbean's smallest ship, it seemed massive to us. We took a bit of time to explore our new surroundings.

Ping-pong tables

Preparing to leave Miami

Watching as we sailed out to sea.

After spending much of the afternoon settling in, preparing for the evening concert and running through the mandatory pre-sailing instructions, it was time for our first dining experience. What a delight!

An artichoke dish (with a name I couldn't pronounce or remember).

Each evening we had our concert time as the various ministry groups took turns sharing in music and testimony.

During the evening concert, the ventriloquist and his 'dummy' picked on Andrew.

We closed out the evening concert the first night.

What a great audience.

Never a dull moment with friends like these around!

And the ship made its way through the open sea. So peaceful and vast. When I try to comprehend how massive and detailed this earth is, it causes me to rejoice in the Creator and Author of life. His handiwork is breathtaking. 

"For since the creation of the world, 
His invisible attributes are clearly seen,
 being understood by the things that are made,
 even His eternal power and Godhead,
 so that they are without excuse."
Romans 1:20


Michiah Lancaster said...

Wow those are all so nice!

Lexi said...

Love the pics! Did any one of ur family get sea sick?
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

I can't answer for the Wissmanns, but my mom and I attended the cruise, and while we're both prone to motion sickness, neither one of us felt sick! We did feel a little off-kilter at times, as you can feel the ship moving, but it wasn't bad, thankfully! :)
Blessings to you!

Cryslyn said...

Wow, it looks like an amazing cruise!! I'm so glad everything went well for you guys!


Lexi said...

Ah ok thanks for a guessed answer for my question Allison
In Christ,

Voynaimir said...

Is that Anna Beasley in the last pic but one?

Alicia said...

oh, how fun. It would have been so fun to be on a cruise with Christian shows. What a blessing I'm sure you were.