Saturday, February 08, 2014

South Carolina

A cheery hello from South Carolina! We've been enjoying a week of sharing various services here and catching up with many friends in this area. Tomorrow begins another week of prison ministry, so we've been preparing to share without Mom or Ruth. New music, family prayer time, and catching up with shopping, laundry, and cooking have summed up much of the past few days. Here is a quick glance: 

A local 'bent-and-dent' is always full of great grocery deals. Time to do some shopping and stock up!

Alaythia takes her turn at the juicer. Mmmmm!

Susanna -- ever our competitive sports enthusiast -- met her match in a game of kickball this week. She's laid up with a sprained ankle, but its not slowing her down much! Here she's enjoying the SC sunshine while filling CD orders from our website. 

We're grateful for this opportunity to grow and share together. Its always a challenge as our family dynamics continually change as our family grows and adapts. We covet your prayers as we'll be ministering next week with smaller numbers than usual. 

"For we are His workmanship, 
created in Christ Jesus for good works, 
which God prepared beforehand 
that we should walk in them."
Eph 2:10


His Way Services said...

Hope your trip continues to go well.
Oh no, Susanna. You get better. I had a sprained ankle once.

God bless. Rebecca K.

Cryslyn said...

I pray your trip goes well.
And heal up quickly, Susanna!


Rachel said...

Oh! I'm so sorry about your ankle Susanna. I've sprained mine twice while being very competitive in soccer! :)
Hope it gets better soon so you can get back out there.


Lexi said...

Sorry Susanna bout the sprannied ankle. R electric guitar player on r Church worship team fractured his left foot. He just got out of the cast 2 weeks ago.
How come Ruth and the mom wasn't there?
In Christ,

Laura Kaye said...

I see yall were in SC recently! Sad I missed it! Any chance yall will be back anytime soon?