Monday, January 06, 2014

Reunion Concert

Humor me for one more Christmas post and then I promise -- we'll move into the new year with all the anticipation of what the Lord has in store for 2014. But these moments of family time are just too precious not to share. 

During our two-day family celebration, we shared a Christmas 'reunion' concert in our local community. Many dear friends attended who have been watching our family grow since our first local concert in 1999. Alaythia was just a baby at that time. How quickly life has changed and our family grown! 

The concert was a kaleidoscope of new music interspersed with old favorites as we invited some of the older children back on stage. An evening to be remembered! Here are some of our favorite moments: 

Practicing "Away in the Manger" before the concert.

The new group dynamics featuring Elizabeth on the guitar and Dad with the stand-up bass. 

Smiles from the front row

Dad always shares a favorite Christmas memory...or two. 

All smiles!

Bringing back Branson favorites: 
Christ has Come

Since Stephen was in Mongolia for several of the Christmas concerts, we had a local friend, Karlie, fill in for his mandolin. She did a fantastic job!

All ten of our girls sharing a carol

And not to be outdone, the menfolk shared a 4-part carol, too: 
A lively version of "Go, Tell it on the Mountain"

Gotta love rich harmonies!

Then we had Charissa and the grandchildren share "Away in the Manger".
They were more enthralled with holding their own mic than anything else!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

It came upon a midnight clear, 
That glorious song of old

From angels bending near the earth, 
To touch their harps of gold.

Peace on the earth, good will to men,
From heaven's all gracious King.

The world in solemn stillness lay,
To hear the angels sing. 

For our heart shall rejoice in Him,
Because we have trusted in His holy name.
Psalm 33:21


Cryslyn said...
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Cryslyn said...

What lovely photos! It looks like it was a wonderful concert. :)

I'm planning on seeing you all this year. I saw your family in Boscobel, WI over a year ago, but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend any of your concerts in 2013.
Hopefully I'll be able to attend one sometime this summer. :)


Alicia said...

I love your Christmas posts, wish they had music with them. :) God bless, Alicia

Elizabeth. said...

How fun it must have been to have all of you singing together again! =) Such sweet pictures.

Lexi said...

That's so kewl! I love all of the Christmas outfits!
In Christ,

Abby said...

How neat that you were able to do this with the whole family! I can't believe it's already four years since my family and I started following your blog and we never met!

In Christ,