Saturday, January 04, 2014

A Family Celebration

Laughter. Smiles. 
Memories recounted. 
Lively competition. 
Delicious meals. 
Joy-filled singing. 
Heartfelt sharing. 

Somehow our times together as a family always fly too quickly. And this Christmas was no exception. Wow. What a delightful time! Due to various travel schedules, we had about two days of non-stop action and fun. (Okay, so we did find a few hours for sleep, too.) 

Here is a picture re-cap, with many thanks to Bethany and Kori for their photography: 

Every year our gatherings grow in a delightful new element: grandchildren! With the cousins now being old enough to plan and interact, it was fun watching them enjoy their time together. 


Rachel's famous cinnamon rolls-in-the-works

Happy smiles

We reserved a gym for one afternoon, playing some very competitive games of volleyball.

Meanwhile, the little ones were highly entertained by Nathanael and Charissa. 

Cousin time

Enjoying a moment with Ruth

Charissa loves being an aunt!

Gym-time wouldn't be the same with out some highly-competative basketball. 
(Are you catching a common theme here?! Yes, when it comes to sports, we're quite competitive!)

We returned home to prepare the evening feast. 
With 10 ladies cooking in the kitchen, it was a jolly good time! 

Family meal

The menfolk serenaded us with several 4-part carols while we ladies tidied up. It was quite impressive considering the impromptu request! I think we've started a new tradition. 

One of our long-time traditions is allowing the youngest members of the family to pass out the Christmas gifts. This year Asher and Arianna were old enough to help 'Grandma' and they were thrilled. It was quite amusing watching them try to remember all our names and get each gift delivered to the correct person. 

Here you go!

For an evening activity, we played a game where all the married women had to identify their husbands with only their noses peaking out from the sheet. As you can imagine -- it made for many laughs on both sides!

Dutch Blitz

Building together

Family love

I think our times together become more and more precious as the years continue. Each new person the Lord adds to our family brings such delight and joy. As we grow, our relationships blossom and we treasure the time to encourage each other on the common road. We're grateful almost to tears for the Lord's ever-present working as we seek to deepen our walk with Him. 

May you and your family experience more of His love and grace in 2014!

Grace, mercy, and peace will be with you 
from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, 
the Son of the Father, in truth and love.
2 John 1:3


Tashia said...

Oh, I so enjoyed seeing these pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Alison said...

Love!!! Such wonderful memories for you all. Love the variety of sweet, simple bonding moments, family play, yummy food, etc. This post makes me even more excited to meet y'all very soon (less than 2 months!). Most of all, I'm so inspired by the common goal that you have to love and serve the Lord.
May each of you have a great 2014!

Lexi said...

That's so kewl! Love the pictures!
In Christ,

Cryslyn said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful, joyous time! The pictures are all lovely, and oh my goodness, Dutch Blitz is my favorite family game! I taught it to my brother's wife this Christmas and she got addicted right away. ;)

Blessings to you all!

His Way Services said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this post, and the many pictures.

Oooo! Volleyball. I really enjoy playing volleyball.

And all those little ones. How fun.

Dutch Blitz, oh yes. When we get together with friends, that's one of the main games we play.

I really like the picture of everyone together at the dinner table.
It looks like such a fun, sweet time together. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your Christmas celebration.

Rebecca K.

Elizabeth. said...

My, it's hard to believe how fast the littles are growing up - and how fun to have the bunch of them together. =) Glad you all had a lovely Christmas! And those cinnamon rolls look pretty fantastic, too, btw. =) Blessings!

Ashlynn said...

Looks like a lovely time! The cinnamon rolls look amazing, would love the recipe for it :). Blessings!