Monday, December 30, 2013

They're Home!

This post is somewhat over due... but due to the excitement and business of the Christmas season we are just now getting it up.

Thursday, December 18th, was a date that was marked on all of our calendars. After weeks of skyping, sending pictures back and forth, and hearing their stories of answered prayers, the long countdown was over. They said goodbye to their new but dear friends in Mongolia and flew to South Korea, where they had a 15 hour layover. Then we got a text from Ruth saying that Stephen was on his flight headed to Georgia but please pray because her plane was delayed indefinitely. We were concerned as she only had a 4 hour layover in Texas before flying home. After 2 hours of waiting a plane arrived! They quickly boarded and were soon in the air! Thanks to some wonderful phone apps, we were able to track their planes on the 13 hour flight to the U.S.

And there she is! She was able to make her flight from Texas to Nebraska with a few minutes to spare. We were so excited to watch her plane fly in and then spot her smiling face coming down the hall.

The next few minutes were filled with hugs, laughter, questions and stories.

:: Ruth & Charissa ::

:: Ruth & Nathanael ::

::Ruth & Dad ::

:: Ruth & Matthias ::

Ruth flew in at 2:30pm, and Stephen wasn't supposed to get in till 5:30pm. So we got Ruth's luggage, grabbed a snack, walked around the airport and talked and talked and talked!!!

Then it came to the final countdown!

"There's his plane!"


There he is!

And the hugs, stories, laughter and smiles began all over again!

It's so good to have everyone back!

Off to get more luggage.

Welcome Home!

It was so special to hear stories of the people they met, friends they made, and new culture they lived in. Stories of what God had done over there and is continuing to do.

Then off to HuHots to celebrate them coming home!


Lexi said...

That's so kewl! I'm glad that Ruth and Stephen made it back to Nebraska safe and sound!
In Christ,

Talitha said...

I just love the joy and excitement on all your faces in these pictures! Praise God for a fruitful trip and safe travels! I hope we get to hear some of those stories. :)

Cryslyn said...

It's good to know that Ruth and Stephen made it home safely!
I hope to hear of some of your adventures while in Mongolia. :)

God Bless,

Caravan Sonnet said...

What precious pictures of a joyful reunion! Prayers that everyone is settling back in! Can't wait to "officially" meet y'all in just a few short months on the cruise!!
:) Rebecca