Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is a precious season. 
A time to reflect. 
To rejoice. 
A time to specifically list the Lord's abundant blessings which we so easily take for granted each and every day. 

And we're especially grateful to have the joy of family time this Thanksgiving. We traveled to our grandparents in Iowa for a lively weekend filled with special moments. Here are a few of the pictures Bethany captured of our time together: 

Charissa helps Mom assemble the cheese trays.

She's becoming an excellent helper!

Grandpa cuddling our cousin's baby, Riley

Gotta love sister time! 

Grandma's endless trays of homemade goodies

Three generations in the kitchen

Honestly, folks. Grandma's Thanksgiving feast is second-to-none!

Story time with Dad/Grandpa

Arianna had a great time playing with her second-cousins.

'Helping' Great-Grandpa

"How about another taste of that cool whip, Grandma?!"

And never a dull moment with the uncles around!

Andrew & Kori

Matthias & Elizabeth

Dan & Bethany

Hannah & Susanna

And with some of our family half-the-world away, 
we spent quite a bit of time enjoying FaceTime with them.
Yes, we're thankful for technology!

Stephen's sense of humor is obvious, even through the screen.

How was your weekend? 

Oh, give thanks to the LORD!

Call upon His name;
Make known His deeds among the peoples!
1Chron. 16:8


Elizabeth. said...

Looks like you all made some pretty fun memories together. :D I can hardly believe how grown up Arianna is and love the laughter captured in the last two pictures. :) Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I love all of these! What beautiful captures. :) Mrs. Wissmann looks especially lovely...especially in the last few with her great big grin! Love the variety of generations. God did such an incredible job when He crafted family, did He not? :)
Blessings to each of you!

The Huron Family said...

Isn't FaceTime just the best?! I have been able to "meet" my first nephew through this wonderful thing called technology:) It makes you happy and then want to cry because you feel so close yet so far away! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well! And I must say the same thing of my Grandmother (Abuela) her cooking is second to none!;)

Blythe said...

AGHHH, gotta love technology we did some thanksgiving skyping with my sister and her kids who were on their way back home to Sweden!!

Linda said...

Glad to see Bethany still enjoys her photography. Fun to see you all in church on Sunday. I love all the pictures!

Lexi said...

Hello to all of the Wissmann,
Love all the pictures! The things you said about Thanksgiving is so true! Thanksgiving Day my family and I put ornaments on are children's Christmas tree while watching the Macy's thanksgiving day parade and then we had lots of yummy food! R oven broke on thanksgiving day lord willing all of the food was cooked! My mom and sister went to a Steam Punk convention in PA! I had to endure my dad from Sat-Sun evening. It's was rly hard! I was so glad when my mom got home!
In Christ,

Sarah said...

Looks like you had a funny Thanksgiving:) Aren't family and relatives such a blessing? I'm thankful for mine.