Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You, Veteran

Today we're grateful. 

We're grateful for the sacrifice. The hardship. The bravery and heroism. 

Grateful for the freedom in this great land. 

Growing up, we heard many stories first-hand of the bravery and sacrifice of our American soldiers. Our grandpa fought during the Korean war and many times he would recount his experiences during our mealtimes. He would use our drinking glasses, pitcher, and serving dishes to show the military strategies. He would describe the food. The frequent letters he wrote to his sweetheart back home (our grandma)! The packages of cookies she would send him in return. 

He talked about the difficult conditions. And of his comrades. 

And every once in awhile, his eyes would fill with tears. And suddenly we knew that freedom isn't free. 

Thank you, Grandpa. 

Thank you, dear veteran. 

We're deeply grateful.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD."
Ps 33:12

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Lexi said...

So true. Love the picture of Alythia and the Grandpa! My parents are Veterans!
In Christ,