Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Harvest News

Hello from the golden fields of Kansas! I wish you could join me in soaking up these delicious farm days. Harvest is just wrapping up. Gardens are dismantled until Spring. Stunningly lush fields of winter wheat shimmer with morning frost. Intense sunset colors.

Its a beautiful time of year.

Alan and I have had an eventful few months since I last posted. Life is full of activity as we live this adventure called 'life' and explore new ministry opportunities together. Here is a picture recap:

Hauling equipment to various fields has its perks: impromptu, scenic dates. 

Some of my sisters and I were able to enjoy a retreat together last month. Its always too short, but we  treasure the times we get to hang out and catch up with each other! 

And this was my view for several days over harvest. Driving big equipment has never been my strong suit, but Alan is a very patient and detailed teacher and I enjoyed getting to be in the fields with him.

Long days, short nights -- but oh, so satisfying!

And farming is rarely boring - here we cleared out a fallen tree together. 

I had so much fun decorating for fall this year. There are an abundance of 'Pinterest-worthy' items around any given farm place. So I went exploring for treasures! I wrestled this wooden frame from an old seed box and gathered hedge apples from our windbreak. Its a fun challenge to start with nothing and see what comes together!

Another new adventure for us is working with Campus Crusade students at our local community college. We've been able to meet allot of new young people and hopefully encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Alan also had the opportunity to share a chapel service recently at a nearby Christian school. He is such an amazing storyteller -- the kids were spellbound!

Children's choir is back in full swing as we're singing several songs during church services and preparing for the Christmas program. The children are always so eager to learn and we have great times together!

This has been such a fun outlet for me as Alan continually encourages me and prays with me about writing new music. It has been very good for me to be more intentional about seeking the Lord in writing this year. God is the Author of music and I'm grateful for His endless creativity and desire to put a new song in our hearts! 

Another new adventure this year has been working with our local Good News Club. We have about 40 children who join us once each week for songs, games, memory verses, a Bible lesson and missionary story. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the children in our community and for the joy of sharing Jesus with them. Certainly a highlight of the week!

And every day is pure delight to spend with this wonderful man. I'm forever grateful for his strength, tenderness, and sincere passion for the Lord. I almost have to pinch myself to realize that I have the privilege of being his wife. God's kindness overwhelms me.

And that is a small glimpse of our lives over the past few months. Much love from our little place in Kansas to you! 


“And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, 
but to fear the LORD your God,
 to walk in all His ways and to love Him,
 to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul,"
Duet 10:12

'Posed' photos by Bethany


Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I so love to read up on your life. You're such an encouragement to me! It's always fun to see what you are up to. Thanks for the post, Rachel!!!
Amy from Sunny Southern CA!

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, Rachel!! Our family farms as well and I can definitely agree- farming is NEVER boring!! Always something going on! Good for you for learning new skills and helping out your farmer husband, I know they appreciate it so much. And it is fun! :) Hayley R.

Fischlady said...

What a delight to read, Rachel! Such great examples of how the two have become one.
Press on to the glory of God!
Lori F.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to hear about all the amazing things you are doing and the joy that you have!!! You are blessing so many people and children! Thank you for sharing!! Many blessings!
Sara V

Rebecca said...

So much fun to see an update! Love it! Good News Clubs are a highlight of my week as well!! :)

Cheryl Kissling said...

Reading your blog was like a pumpkin bar with that yummy cream cheese frosting...full of warm-fuzzy fall feelings. I was excited to see your news of the GOOD NEWS CLUB! Years ago our church did 5-day clubs for summer Bible school. We had as many as 13 clubs dotted around the Cedar Rapids area with hundreds of kids hearing the gospel and many praying to receive Jesus. I loved the CEF materials then and have gotten reacquainted with them through Good News Clubs in our area. I even helped start a new one this year with 11 attending and 5 or 6 receiving Christ! Tomorrow is our last day until next spring. On top of all of that, a core grup met just last night to form an East Central Chapter. I will be the secretary and look forward to continuing as a local "missionary"!

A couple other tidbits from the Kisslings...Carl has been working on his ancestry along with his sister. They have discovered many interesting folks in their past. We were planning to have my dad return to our home after a summer of respite care, but his last fall caused a subdural hematoma (brain hemorrhage) and he went home to be with the Lord Sept. 29. As of yesterday, I started a half time school nurse job. I know I will enjoy it.

Take care!
In Him,

Joann B said...

You should write your own blog, Rachel. Your posts are my favorite on the Wissmann blog.

Amanda said...

Good to hear from you, Rachel! I always look forward to hearing how your Kansas life is. Yup...big farm equipment...I'm sure you always dreamed of driving those big tractors! :D I am glad that you can find enjoyment in helping your husband. I'm sure he greatly appreciates your willing attitude toward farming. :) You guys are a lovely couple!

Amanda said...

P.S. LOVE your decorating ideas!

Lexi said...

I love all the pictures Rachel! Rachel you are so gorgeous! I love your hair style and your smile is pretty! You and Alan are a blessing from God in my life!
Your mom and sisters are gorgeous! Your dad and brothers are fine gentlemen! Your family is a blessing from God in my life to! I love listing to yours songs!
In Christ,