Monday, September 30, 2013

Jaster Update

Thank you for your continued prayers for our dear friend, Ron Jaster. The Lord has been daily answering those prayers as he experiences marked progress. The road ahead is still long. Here's the latest we've heard -- 

Ron's sister-in-law, Sue, wrote the following update after seeing Ron on Saturday:

Hello Friends,
This past Saturday, Bob and I traveled to Ron's rehab center, along with all his siblings and their spouses, and a few dear friends, to take part in a training session. Its purpose was to equip us to better help Ron with his therapy and training, using proper mechanics, physically, as he transitions home on Friday.

We hadn't seen him in a week. We were both astounded at the progress made in one week. As his arm rested on the wheelchair arm, he was able to lift it at the elbow 45 degrees, turn over his wrist, and move each of the fingers on his "paralyzed" right arm. He is now able to lift his right leg several inches, using only his trunk / core. With the help of a special belt around his waist, and a 4-footed cane, he was able to go up and down 2 stairs, climb in and out of bed, climb in and out of a "car," and walk up a shallow ramp (not so successfully:) We stood back in amazement, not believing all this had happened in only one week. The therapists continue to marvel not only at the rapid progress, but also at the order in which he is regaining function. The order of skills recovered is defying logic / protocol. They keep warning Ron, "Don't expect that you will keep regaining something every day. It will slow down." But so far it hasn't!

We serve an Almighty and wonderful God. His deeds are marvelous, and we praise Him. Thank you all, on behalf of Ron and Doris and their families, for your prayers. While Ron has a very long road before him still, he is not alone. Please continue to pray for him. Often, when someone is "out of the woods" we have less of a sense of urgency to pray. Could we please ask you to commit to daily prayer for him and for Doris? They need it! Doris is exhausted as she has now entered her 6th month of pregnancy, and isn't feeling well most days. Their daily caregivers would surely appreciate your prayers as well;)

We are so grateful for all of you! May the Lord continue to be glorified by the work He is doing in the Jaster family!

Sue for all the Jaster's


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!
Will continue to pray. :)

Talitha said...

Wow. Praise God for the healing and recovery that He has given thus far! I will continue to pray for the family during these difficult days and weeks ahead.

Thank you, Wissmanns, for your faithfulness in keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Just took time to pray and will continue doing so. Glad to hear of this amazing improvement. We serve a great God.


Lexi said...

I'm praying for him.
In Christ,