Friday, September 13, 2013

Requesting Prayer

Continue earnestly in prayer, 
being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;" 
Col 4:2

Dear blog family, 

We are requesting prayer for a dear friend and brother in the Lord. Ron Jaster is in his early-40s and since Wednesday morning has been experiencing increased paralysis. The doctors are unable to discover the cause of his impairment, but are suspecting transverse myletis. He has lost most limb movement on his right side.

We need a miracle. He and his wife have 5 sons, ages 10 and under. Additionally, his wife is 5 months pregnant and struggles with her health in each pregnancy. 

Please join us in lifting this dear family before the Throne:

 Pray for wisdom for the doctors and those endeavoring to diagnose and treat Ron. 
 Pray for healing for his body. 
 Pray for strength for his family, his wife specifically. 
 And pray for the "peace of God which passes all understanding" to guard their hearts in    Christ Jesus. 

Thank you, friends, for joining us in this great need. What a precious blessing it is to know the body of Christ is interceding with us. 

The Wissmann Family


Joe Forti said...

Praying for a miracle!

Brianna said...

I'll be praying for this family!!

His Way Services said...

Will definitely be praying for your friends. I hope they will be okay.

Rebecca K.

Talitha said...

I will be praying! Yes, indeed-- how precious it is to have the body of Christ to come together and intercede for one another in prayer!

Anonymous said...

I'll pray!
In Christ,

Sarah said...

Wow, I will definitely be praying for a miracle! That is so hard. May God be with them.

Anonymous said...

Yes...praying an abundant measure of God's strength and grace upon them.

Amanda said...

Praying for the Jaster family! May God direct those doctors to a cure for Ron!

Adrianne Terrell said...

Sorry I responed late but I will begin to pray for this dear family.
Thanks for letting me know so I can pray