Friday, April 19, 2013

Valor Drama

1932 - Its a birthday party! Stanley welcomes his guests. 


Unwrapping gifts

A slingshot!

Opps! Broken glass. Let's get out of here!

A talk with dad about impulsiveness and making wise choices.

Fast-forward to December 7, 1941.
Pearl Harbor as broadcasted over the radio waves.

Its time to sign up to serve our country.

Herbert S. Jenkins Jr. the Third signs up for duty.

Meanwhile, in Europe, a graduation is taking place.

Greta graduates with honors...

...and is assigned a special spy mission.

The drill sergeant examines his troops.

And barks a few orders. 

Reverie sounds at boot camp.

The distinguished, commanding officer.

Time for specialized training with Dr. Wack...

...who seems to have a little too much fun in his "la-BOR-i-tory". 

"This is nothing like fireworks."

A healthy fear of explosives.

Greta becomes a nurse at an Allied outpost.

And quickly makes friends with the other nurses. 

They meet up with Stanley and Walter.

The Commanding Officer

Assigned a special mission

"I really shouldn't tell you..."

Behind the lines.

"Did you hear something?!"

Search for them!

Running out of time!

Wounded, he completes his mission.

Needing to get back to base.

You let me down. A solider doesn't quit in the face of battle. 

In recovery.

I'm sure sorry, man.

"How would they have known our whereabouts?"

Something to report.

Stanley visits his sister.

While Greta looks for more information.

Setting a trap.

A kind nurse tries to cheer up the wounded.

But her smiles seem futile in the discouragement of war.

"We must choose to focus on the Lord. Not on our circumstances."


True courage and joy is found in knowing the Lord. 

A reward for bravery.

"Guard your heart with diligence and honor.
Hold fast to the right, 
Be earnest in the fight. 
Bring every thought as captive, obedient unto Christ,
That we may be soldiers of valor!"

Many thanks to Kori for her pictures!


Joshua Bloom said...

That drama was really awesome!

Bethany McGraw said...

That looks so cool!! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for blogging all this! I'm sure all blog readers really enjoyed the time and effort (to even put this on the blog after all your hard work preceding the conference!).

It is really encouraging watching a family work together in ministry like this. Although I believe in family ministry, I prefer to do the kid's program with my peers. Thank you for showing that it can be done in other ways, and be fun too!

Anonymous said...

The guy who played Dr. Wack, wold his name happen to be Gator (Jeff)Moore? Just wondering...