Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mixing in Action

This week has flown by in a flurry. And quite literally as the forecast is again predicting snowfall, postponing the arrival of Spring! But regardless of the weather, we've continued to spend most of our days indoors, working on the CD project.

We're so thankful for the expert help of our sound engineer. This is our seventh project working with Tom at WareHouse Productions, and each time he encourages us to new heights, musically. It's exciting to watch this new project take shape. This week we were working in the Mix Suite, adjusting the levels of each track. Spending hours of intense listening, looking at this screen:

The sound waves on-screen

Matthias has been spear-heading this project. He's such a good leader and motivator!

And while the guys were working on the CD, the rest of the family made a quick trip to visit our grandparents in Iowa. It was fun to pile into our van for a road trip together...especially with Grandpa and Grandma's house as the destination! 

Since Dan & Bethany are in Wisconsin now, we were able to get together and spend some time with their darling little person, Arianna. Oh, the joys of family love just get sweeter and sweeter!

"Glory in His holy name; 
Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the LORD!"
1 Chron 16:10


Alisha Ann said...

Looking forward to hearing the band new songs that will be on the new CD :D

Think you can put a few previews on the blog?

Serving HIM,

WWW.alishainprogress.blogspot. com

Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear the new CD! I had no idea it was such a time-consuming process for you! Thanks for working so hard to complete it!

Adrianne Terrell said...

I can not wait till the new CD comes out. Love hearing ya'll sing

Anonymous said...

Hi to all of the Wissmann family!
U all sing and play ur instruments very good! U all r a very godly family and a blessing to others! I love u all! I would love to meet u all! I can't wait for the CD!
In Christ,