Monday, March 04, 2013

Farm Journal: Winter

Greetings from snowy Kansas! Last week we were buried in 10-14 inches of snow, leaving us with cozy evenings to enjoy soup, fresh bread, and hot chocolate. Now our winter wonderland is rapidly melting and we're ready to welcome the coming of springtime.

Winter has been a sweet season for us. Most of our evenings are spent studying and preparing for various ministries at our church or just enjoying our time together. Alan teaches classes on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings, and I greatly enjoy hearing him share and seeing how genuinely he connects, especially with the young people.

And our days are varied and active. I've captured a few [very random] pictures on my phone to share with you. Here's a glimpse into our winter:

Peaceful home, sweet home!

Did I mention 'soup night'!?

With a snowstorm guessed it! Snow ice cream!
Gather a bowlful of clean snow.
Add sweetened condensed milk and vanilla. 
Add drinking milk until the texture is right. 
And enjoy!

Owning a high-loader, we celebrated the first snow by spending several hours digging ourselves out...and quite a few of the neighbors, too!

For my birthday in January, some dear friends surprised me with a party -- and a most amazingly creative cake! Who knew dipped vanilla wafers could transform into a piano?!

We enjoyed a visit from Josiah and Abi and their sweet little ones.

"Prize night" at my Junior choir. Its been an incredible joy to direct these children and hear them sing! Its also been great accountability to write new music, one of our goals for 2013.

Along that strain...I've been working on a couple music projects in my spare time as of late. Lord-willing we'll be sharing more about these projects in the coming months! 
Stay tuned...

In February we took a road rip to Fort Worth, Texas to visit Alan's sister and their family of 8 children. We had a marvelous time with them...and enjoyed the 12 hours of driving, talking, and reading

Our winter project. My grandpa rescued these wooden crates from a trash pile and Alan helped me create this cute little bench for our front door area. 

Love getting little notes like this one!

And there you have it, a peek into our winter months. So much for which to be grateful; to learn, grow, and treasure. New opportunities to draw close to the Lord. Learning to trust Him in new ways. 
This beautiful adventure called life!

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, 
So are My ways higher than your ways 
and My thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:9 


Brooke Stebbins said...

Thanks for sharing a little of your life. I know we dont keep in touch, but its nice to hear about what has been going on. I miss your whole family! Lots of love from Wyoming!

photo:britt said...

So cute! I love your updates. You should start your own blog to post your recipes and projects and everyday life because it's inspiring how you have made your house a home. I really want to see more of it. ;)

His Way Services said...

Good to hear from you, Rachel. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Glad you are enjoying the winter. You make snow cream too?! Looks good. We've made that for years. Glad things are going well for you.


Anonymous said...

Rachel is such a lil barbie doll!!!!!!!!

fashionedforHim said...

You shared with such warmth and endearment. And it was interesting seeing all the pics. Thanks and many blessings, Miriam for all the Groff"s

Amanda said...

So good to hear from you Rachel! I always look forward to your posts! Sounds like you have a blessed marriage! So happy you guys found eachother!