Friday, January 11, 2013

It's time!

This last month we've enjoyed our winter wonderland.

Nebraska's version of sledding. 
{Being pulled behind a four wheeler on a sled is so fun!}

But we are also looking forward to whats next as well! This Wednesday we head south and will be gone for 2 months. We would so appreciate your prayers as we will be singing in many churches as well as doing the prison crusades in Alabama and South Carolina. You can check our schedule here to see if we'll be in your area!

So this last week has been filled with preparing, packing, and sewing new singing outfits. Our good friend Anna came out to help us with the sewing part and we enjoyed the time together before we leave!

The bus is cleaned, the bags are being packed and we are looking forward to see what God has in store!

I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; 
I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.
Psalms 104:33


Blythe said...

Ah,that is the country ohioian way of sled riding as well,looks like a fun. Love the yellow atv.

Annie said...

Praying for safe travels for your family and many hearts to be opened to God's love!

Ashley said...

Now that looks like SO much fun!!! :)

Safe travels!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for your upcoming trip. Also, I enjoyed the pictures -- such happy, sweet smiles!

Amanda said...

SNOW!!!!!!!!! In Michigan we have green grass and almost 60 degrees tomorrow! :( I hope you guys enjoy it and your trip south! :)

Mikala said...

Sounds exciting! And the four-wheeler/sledding is not only Nebraskan :-) It's Alaskan, too...only we use snow machines :-)

Anna B. said...

Will miss you soso much! But looking forward to hearing what God does! :)

Praying for you often!!!

Unknown said...

We will be praying for safe travels and ears to hear!

Alisha said...

I'll be praying for safe traveling for you and your family!

Just curious...when is your next CD coming out? :D

Serving HIM,

Anonymous said...

Looks like tons of fun, cause I know how much fun it is to be pulled behind a 4-wheeler on a sled.:)
hey...y'all need to come sing in Virginia again!!!!
-Janelle Horner

Madeleine said...

How delightful!

Do you ever come to the North East?

Praying for safety and blessing, both for you and for those you come in contact with in your journeys.