Monday, January 07, 2013

2014 Reunion Cruise!

We welcome you to join us...
...for our first experience together on a Caribbean cruise! 
Mark your calendars. Bring the family. 
It will be a week to remember! 

We'll be cruising on the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

Your VIP pass includes:
-- Concerts & drama with Christian singers 
-- Adult and children’s seminars hosted by dedicated Christian speakers 
-- Devotionals lead by your favorite Pastors 
-- Organized children and teen activities during the adult seminars 
(Like rock climbing, miniature golf, ping pong and much more!)

Plus all the benefits of the cruise: 
All-you-can-eat buffets, 4 course formal dinners, pizza, 
soft serve machine, pools, hot tubs, basketball court, 
destination seminars, ice carving shows, and that’s just the beginning!

And the best part?! 
It will be a reunion cruise for the entire Wissmann clan.

Yes, all 13 children, Dad, Mom, the in-loves, and grandkids are planning to make this a family affair. We'll be celebrating and reflecting on the past 15 years of ministering together in music -- a journey which many of you have taken with us through this blog or personal friendships. 

Our prayer is that we would be a personal encouragement to you and your family through these wonderful days together; spent in fellowship, music, and fun.

For more information:  
Please download our information and reservation forms from our website here.

All rates are per person based on 2 people in a cabin. 
Triple and quad cabin rates are available on request. 
Children’s rates available upon request! 
This specially arranged gospel singing cruise includes cruise fare, port fees, taxes, private concerts and seminars.

We strongly encourage you to secure your reservation as soon as possible, as the cruise lines have almost always raised their prices for the cruise closer to departure time.

All reservations must be made by mailing 
the form or by calling:
Please mention “The Wissmann Family” as your host artist. 

We look forward to cruising with you!


Mikala said...

This is such a great idea!! Very creative!!

Madelyn Winslow said...

I hope you are able to minister to a lot of folks on this cruise!

Amanda said...

Fun! I hope you guys have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Sounds like it will be TONS of fun!! Wish I could go...but I'll just dream on and wait to see pics of the cruise.:)
Janelle Horner