Friday, December 14, 2012

Birthday Traditions

One of the blessings of a large family is that we get to celebrate a lot of birthdays in a year's time! 
 One of our traditions is that the birthday person gets to pick out the birthday "cake" of their choice.

In recent birthdays,  Elizabeth picked a cheesecake.

And Charissa, Alaythia, Nathanael and Kori picked our Mom's incredible ice cream cake!

What is so fun about Mom's ice cream cake is that it can be ANY flavor you desire...
chocolate chip cookie dough,  peanut butter, or a favorite candy bar!

We used to make plain old rectangle ice cream cakes. Till we discovered that our local library has oodles of different cake pans available for free!  So, our cake making has taken on new dimensions! :-)  The first thing to do is to pick your flavor.  I only have pictures of making the chocolate chip cookie dough cake, so that is what you'll see here.

First, we spread a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the cake pan and popped it back in the freezer to keep it from melting. Then we made an egg-less recipe for cookie dough, added it as a layer in the cake pan on top of the ice cream, and popped it back in the freezer!  Next we topped it with a layer of chocolate ice cream, and popped it back in the freezer!

Then you are ready for the decorating, float the pan in a sink of warm water for about 10 seconds, place   on a cutting board, and tap lightly till the ice cream slips out. Frost it all with whipped topping, or cool whip.

To make the brown color we stir cocoa powder into the cool whip,
and if you'd like a different color you can use food coloring!

Each step has been done at a different time throughout the day, because the ice cream melts very fast! For best results you need to do a layer then put it in the freezer, layer, freezer, layer, freezer...!

For Kori's cake we tried something new: a monogramed cake! After melting some chocolate chips and  putting the melted chocolate in a bag, we piped it onto a sheet of wax paper, tracing her initials. (Under the wax paper we had placed a normal sheet of paper pre-printed by the computer with the initials: KJW.) Then we put it in the freezer to cool.

To finish the cake we sprinkled mini chocolate chips around the edge of the heart, we pealed the letters off the wax paper,  and then placed them on top of the 'cake'!


Another favorite option for the middle layer is to crush Oreo type chocolate cookies, stir in a bottle of chocolate fudge or chocolate sauce ice cream topping, and spread it between the two kinds of ice cream. (Actually any kind of cookie or candy bar works deliciously! :)
Or, to make it healthy, we've made it with our own homemade ice cream!

We hope you have as much fun with this as we have!!

"Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!"
Psalms 34:8


Alisha Ann said...

Thanks for sharing...great looking cakes :D My favorite one is Kori's :D

Happy Friday!

Serving HIM,

Amanda said...

Yum! We love making ice cream cakes at our house too! My mom makes DELICIOUS ice cream cakes, and I always pick that for my birthday cake. :)Cheesecake is good too though....

goatpod2 said...

How fun! My brother's initials are KJW.



Anonymous said...

Sounds so yummy! The cakes are really cute! We'll have to try that sometime. Usually our ice cream cakes are retangular or round. Thanks for the tips :)

Anonymous said...

Can you share your healthy ice cream recipe?

Anonymous said...

I second the request to share your ice cream recipe!
We often make our own ice cream, and would enjoy having another great recipe!

miriam miller said...

Thanks for sharing your cake recipe. We are going to try it for my sisters 30th birthday. Hopefully it goes well.

Mikala said...

I love Kori's cake! Very creative!

Rhonda said...

That cake looks amazing. I am going to have to try that!